Top 5 iPhone Apps That Will Make You Say 'AWWW'

Need your daily dose of adorable? Check out these apps to get your fix!

5. Shivering Kittens

If you live anywhere in the northern Midwest, you'll be able to empathize with these stranded kittens. The goal is simple: rescue the shivering kitties from the cold in this tetris-like game.

4. Tamagotchi: 'Round the World

Who said iPhone games can't be adorable too? This game will keep you coming back to complete more tasks while you navigate the brilliantly bright world.

3. iMoo

An exceedingly simple app that will have you hooked in seconds, iMoo looks like a small metal cylinder. Tip it over, and it moos at you. Hilarity ensues. You can also record your own Moo for it to play!

2. Cute Dogs

Puppies! There's just nothing cuter… except maybe kitties. But these pups are the best of the best. Just swipe your finger across the screen and another one appears.

1. Paw Nation

A completely adorable pet news aggregate, Paw Nation constantly has new articles guaranteed to make you smile. You can save articles you love, whether they're about pets in the news, puppy health, or photos of an adorable hamster.

What iPhone apps make you say 'AWWW'?