Top 5 Red Carpet Fashionistas

1. Selena Gomez:
Selena never fails to stun on the red carpet! She always keeps it classy with neutral colors and simple makeup.

2. Taylor Swift:
Our favorite country girl loves to sparkle! Taylor tends to dress is shimmery fabrics that catch the eye.

3. Demi Lovato:
Unlike her Disney counterparts, Demi loves taking risks on the red carpet! Her dramatic makeup suits her edge style.

4. Ashley Tisdale:
Like her "High School Musical" counterpart Sharpay, Ashley loves being the center of attention on the red carpet! She knows how to dress and keeps herself looking fabulous at every event.

5. Leighton Meester:
Leighton keeps us guessing about her outfit every time. The "Gossip Girl"'s style varies, but no can deny that she always looks great!

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