7 Ukulele Covers Guaranteed To Make You Smile

February 2 is World Play Your Ukulele Day, so check out these 7 incredible ukulele covers to celebrate the instrument's island sound, and let us know your favs in the comments below.

7 ukulele covers you have to watch on world play your ukulele day

1. The cutest cover of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" ever by this incredibly talented (and super precious) little boy 

2. Julia Nunes' mind-blowing ukulele interpretation of Queen's "You're My Best Friend"

3. Orla Gartland puts a ukulele twist on OutKast's "Hey Ya"

4. Dianne Gan strums along to "Love the Way You Lie," by Eminem and featuring Rihanna

5. The Gardiner Sisters cover "Rude" by MAGIC! 

6. A young boy teaches us all how to play a gorgeous rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on the ukulele

7. Hayley Legg's stripped-down ukulele version of "Sweet Home Alabama"

Share your own ukulele covers with us at Sweety High, and let us know which tracks you think sound best on the tiny instrument in the comments below.