The Top 5 Animated Movies We Have Left to See This Year

It's been an amazing year for animation!

ZootopiaFinding Dory and The Secret Life of Pets completely stole our hearts in 2016, but the year isn't over yet. Here are the five animated movies you must see before the year is through.


Storks – Sep. 23

In a world where storks have stopped delivering babies, they now dedicate their lives to delivering packages for the biggest online retail store in the world. When Junior, the best delivery stork around, accidentally turns on a machine that creates a baby, he sets out to deliver it before his boss discovers his mistake.


Kubo and the Two Strings – Out now!

In ancient Japan, Kubo lives a simple life until he accidentally revives an ancient spirit on a mission to destroy his family. He leaves home with only a couple of trusty sidekicks and a magical stringed instrument called a shamisen to stop the bad guys and uncover the truth behind the death of his father, the greatest samurai in history.


Moana –  Nov. 23

Moana, the only daughter of a chief, was born to navigate the seas of the South Pacific. When destiny calls for her to set off on a journey to discover a mythical island, she teams up with the demigod Maui to help her family and set things right.


Sing – Dec. 21

Buster is a koala whose theater is at risk of closing for good. He hopes that a singing competition, open to the whole town, will turn things around. It's not long before a whole menagerie of animals enter to show off their talents, including a pig duo, a pompous mouse, a punk porcupine and a British gorilla who wants to leave a life of crime to become a singer.


Trolls – Nov. 4

Branch and Poppy are both Trolls, but their personalities could not be more different. But when evil creatures called Bergens threaten to destroy their village, the antisocial Branch and ever-positive princess Poppy have to team up to save their home.


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