With summer drawing to a close and fall rapidly creeping up on us, we’re entering the season of autumnal flavors and tasty, easy-to-pack treats we can bring with us anywhere.

For us, August was full of all kinds of consumable goodies, from munchable snacks to feel-good drinks, ready-to-eat meals and so much more. If you’re curious about what we loved the best last month, just keep scrolling.

Illicit Elixirs

We never knew that dopamine-enhancing drinks were a thing, but now that we’ve discovered Illicit Elixirs, we can’t get enough. They come in fizzy, fruity flavors whose names alone—Let’s Party Peaches, Watermelon Lime Thirst Trap, Late Night Fruity Call and Vegas Debauch-A-Berry—put a smile on our faces, but it’s the incredible tastes and mood-boosting formula that really has us enamored. Using all-natural ingredients, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, it works with the brain to enhance dopamine production, and thus feelings of motivation, happiness and satisfaction. In our experience, they really do the trick.

Illicit Elixirs

(via Illicit Elixirs)


Planted Seeds

Sea moss gel is a surprisingly versatile ingredient, both for food and beauty applications, which is why we’re currently loving both the blue and green options from Planted Seeds, each respectively enhanced with their own color of spirulina. Both have incredible benefits for everything from digestion and immunity to weight loss while also being super hydrating for both the hair and skin. While the gel can be a little bit fishy on its own, that disappears when you mix it into your favorite smoothie, making this one of our favorite ways for a healthy boost with absolutely zero effort.

Planted Seeds

(via Planted Seeds)



When you can’t store your lunch in a fridge during the day, that can greatly reduce your options for fresh, delicious meals, but ShanYi offers something different from most brands. Their shelf-stable meals can be kept at room temperature and only take 90 seconds in the microwave to transform into hot, delicious Asian-inspired dishes featuring wild-caught tuna or salmon over jasmine rice. Between Green Curry Tuna, Green Curry Salmon, Japanese Curry Tuna, Panang Curry Salmon and Panang Curry Tuna it’s tough to pick a favorite, but we’re leaning toward the green curries.

ShanYi instant microwavable meals

(via ShanYi)


Snow Days

Snow Days makes the best pizza bites we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating, and they’ve finally made our dreams come true with a pepperoni flavor in collaboration with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As always, these bites have a crispy, buttery crust made with gluten-free cassava and are packed with mozzarella, tomato sauce and hidden fruits and veggies, plus uncured pepperoni for a satisfyingly meaty bite. These just might be our favorite Snow Days yet.

Snow Days

(via Snow Days)


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Park Street Deli Sweet Snack Selects

When we’re in a rush, nothing satisfies our tastebuds quite like a small snack accompanied by cheese, and Park Street Deli Sweet Snack Selects has some of the ultimate pairings. Whether you’re looking for Mild Yellow Cheddar Cheese with Roasted Almonds, Raisins & White Chocolate Chunks, Monterey Jack Cheese with Dried Cranberries, Dark Chocolate Chips and Banana Chips or Sharp White Cheddar Cheese with Milk Chocolate Chunks, Raspberry Flavored Dried Cranberries and Graham Cracker Bites, they’re here to placate both your sweet and salty cravings.  They were also a 2023 Product of the Year award winner, and for good reason!

Park Street Deli Sweet Snack Selects

(via Aldi)


Moon Juice

Moon Juice has to be one of our favorite brands that specializes in both beauty and well-being, with products for skincare as well as health, and their new Mini Dew is the electrolyte mix of our dreams. Its blend of electrolytes and minerals is designed to support great hydration as well as optimal brain function, reducing brain fog while enhancing cognitive performance. It also tastes like fresh, juicy watermelon with healthy minerals mixed in while helping us succeed through tricky days.

Moon Juice Mini Dew

(via Moon Juice)



If you’re even slightly into pickled veggies, you need Dillys in your life. They offer a little bit of everything in the category, from classic pickles to carrots, red onions, green beans, cauliflower and more—including our favorite, The Garden Jar.  Everything is perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of vinegary tang, with a texture that combines tenderness and crunch to add some brightness to any fresh meal.

Dillys pickles

(via Dillys)


Festive Chickpeas

We’ve tried plenty of chickpea snacks in our time, but Festive Chickpeas are our favorite because they’re unhusked, meaning added crunch, more flavor and no pesky skins to pick out of your teeth. The chickpeas themselves have a nutty, buttery flavor we can’t resist, and with Sea Salt, Mild, Fiery, Ranch, Honey BBQ and Sour Cream & Onion flavors, you’ll never get bored of the options. And did we mention they’re also high in fiber, protein and essential vitamins and minerals?

Festive Chickpeas

(via Festive Chickpeas)


Honey Mama’s

We’ve never had anything quite like Honey Mama’s truffle bars, and they’ve just become a new favorite indulgence. These unique dessert bars are all about healthy honey, with the natural sweetener at the center of their great flavors including Lavender Rose, Chocolate Cake, Coconut, Salted Almond and so many more. Because of their unique makeup, these bars are also free of refined sugar, dairy, gluten and soy. The newest addition to the lineup is their Lemon Blueberry Blonde Truffle Bar, with a creamy texture and the flavors of honey and lemon all mixed into one decadent bar.

Honey Mama’s

(via Honey Mama’s)



LesserEvil may be best known for its light and deliciously flavored popcorn, but the brand is getting into something entirely new with a Disney collaboration and limited-edition Toy Story Lil’ Puffs. The bags feature classic Toy Story characters while the air-puffed cassava treats feature nutrient-rich and tasty flavors Star-berry Beet, Sweet Potato Apple Asteroid, Intergalactic Voyager Veggie Blend and Celestial Cheddar, making them a guilt-free, anytime snack perfect for kids and adults alike.


(via LesserEvil)



Langers is one of the all-time classic juice brands, and if you’re looking for all of the refreshing, fruity flavor or pineapple juice, but without all of the sugar and calories, you’re in for a treat. Their latest offering has just five calories and one naturally occurring gram of sugar in every serving while still being packed with vitamins A, B6 and C, so you can sip and mix to your heart’s content.

Langers pineapple juice

(via Langers)


Magic Spoon

We firmly believe it’s never too early to jump into the pumpkin spice season, and Magic Spoon is getting the party started. Like all of Magic Spoon’s cereals, the Pumpkin Spice flavor has zero total sugar, boasting 13 grams of protein per serving, with just three net carbs, while tasting just like a sip of your favorite warm and spicy PSL.

Magic Spoon pumpkin spice cereal

(via Magic Spoon)



Now, here’s a ginger ale you’ll actually want to sip on when your tummy’s not feeling so hot. The better-for-you soda brand OLIPOP just dropped a new Ginger Ale flavor that has low sugar, high fiber and prebiotics to soothe aching bellies while being legitimately delicious. The flavor is sweet yet crisp, with just the right amount of ginger bite and only a seventh of the sugar in a traditional can of ginger ale.


(via OLIPOP)



As much as we try to get enough water, it can be a struggle—but not with waterdrop. Their unique microdrinks come in nutrient-rich, sugar-free cubes that you can drop in water to create a tasty, healthy and hydrating beverage. The newest flavor in the lineup is Koko Piña, with the refreshing tropical flavor of coconut and pineapple, plus vitamins C, B3 and B6 to further nourish the body. Their stunning water bottles are also the cutest reminder to stay hydrated.


(via waterdrop)



Gluten-free cookies can be very hit-and-miss, but Mightlicious is a brand that hits—and hits hard. Mightylicious’s soft-baked cookies have an actually scrumptious, non-crumbly texture and are made clean ingredients while being completely free of gluten, wheat, rye, barley and rBST. The Brown Butter Chocolate Chip has to be our favorite, but if you’re a cookie lover, you’re going to want to try them all.  Even if you have zero issues with gluten, you won’t be able to put these down.


(via waterdrop)



As the summer has drawn to a close, we’ve found it trickier and trickier to stay focused and attentive at work, but Apothékary’s Mind Over Matter supplement has been doing wonders to keep us energized, defogged and calm. It uses an adaptogenic mushroom formula or reishi, lion’s mane and chaga to enhance cognitive function and lower stress and fatigue in a caffeine-free formula. It’s also mostly tasteless, with just a hint of earthiness, so you can add a teaspoon to your favorite tea, coffee or other beverage for easy benefits.

Apothékary Mind Over Matter

(via Apothékary)


Ziba Foods

When we’re looking for healthier snacking options, we love turning to classics like nuts and dried fruit, and Ziba Foods has some of the best options for yummy, sustainably made and nutrient-rich products. Their Dry Roasted Heirloom Almonds are irresistibly crunchy and buttery, their Sun-Dried Figs are sweet and soft, yet crisp and their Trail Mixes have supremely snackable blends that are as hearty as they are tasty. All of Ziba’s products are also grown on family farms in Afghanistan, with an 80% female workforce, supporting the role of women in Afghan society.

Ziba Foods assorted dried nuts and fruit

(via Ziba Foods)


Mike’s Organic Curry Love

Curries are some of our all-time favorite heart and heart-warming meals, and with Mike’s Organic Curry Love pastes, making them precisely to your liking at home is easier than ever. These curry pastes are made in small batches in Thailand using only ingredients made with the most sustainable biodynamic farming techniques. Not only are they healthy and good for the planet, but the rich, spicy and savory flavors work to perfection with your favorite meats and veggies—especially over rice.

Mike's Organic Curry Love

(via Mike’s Organic Curry Love)


MUD Organics

There’s a good reason the brand calls MUD Organics “the beauty elixir of nature.” This unique supplement powder is designed to both restore and repair the body and mind, blending fulvic acid with sea buckthorn for all kinds of benefits, including better sleep, improved concentration, boosted energy and even a healthier gut. We jump-start our days by mixing just a third of a teaspoon into a glass of water, and it has very little taste while making us feel like our best selves.

MUD Organics

(via MUD Organics)



Until recently, GoodPop was best known as a go-to brand for delicious, dairy-free popsicles, but they’re now getting into the soda space with their tasty and better-for-you Mini Cans. These 7.5 oz. cans are made with just real fruit juice and sparkling water, and whether you indulge in the Fruit Punch, Orange or Lemon Lime flavor, you’re only getting the good stuff. If you’re used to sugary sodas, they may take a little getting used to, but seltzer fans will find them packed with flavor and just enough sweetness to keep you hydrated and happy through the end of the season.

GoodPop Mini Cans

(via GoodPop)


Bizzy Cold Brew

As coffee lovers who don’t always have the time to deal with coffee makers or the weak, watered-down stuff you get out of a Keurig cup, cold brew truly is a gift, and Bizzy Cold Brew’s delicious, organic and sustainable flavor options have us hooked. While they do sell brew bags to make your own cold brew and home, we’ll always opt for the ready-to-drink options, and with Medium Roast, Espresso Blend, Breakfast Blend, Light Roast, Dark Roast and Italian Roast to choose from, there’s a delicious option here for every coffee lover. Just add your favorite sweetener and creamer, and you’re ready with a café-quality cup of joe.

Bizzy cold brew coffee

(via Bizzy Cold Brew)


Blank Slate Kitchen

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of trying delicious new sauces for dipping, dabbing and slathering over your favorite foods, be sure to check out Blank Slate Kitchen. The brand is focused on creating high-quality, non-GMO sauces representing lesser-known foods from around the globe, and their two starting sauces are must-tries. Sichuan Chili Oil is the buzzy condiment of 2023, and Blank Slate’s is especially delicious. It’s spicy and aromatic, adding savory flavor and chili and pepper heat to any dish (or even a bowl of vanilla ice cream). They also introduced us to Zhug sauce from Yemen, which blends the spice of jalapéno with the herbal grassiness of cilantro and parsley for a sauce that’s chimichurri but even more irresistibly flavorful.

Blank Slate Kitchen

(via Blank Slate Kitchen)


GLOW Beverages

We think that properly hydrating the body should also be delicious, which is what we adore about GLOW Beverages. Their GLOW Sparkling Hydration drinks are like a delicious fruity soda, but they also work to replenish and hydrate the body with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, plus 5-HTP to help your body’s serotonin production for a happier mind. Between Spicy Watermelon, Mango Apricot, Cherry Lime, Tiger’s Blood and Pineapple Blood Orange, there isn’t a bad flavor in the bunch, and for mornings when you need an extra boost, they also have caffeine-infused energy versions of their drinks.

GLOW Beverages

(via GLOW Beverages)



We understand that not everyone is adventurous enough to love tinned fish, but if you’re a fan, you’re about to fall in love with SEASON Brand. They’ve been in the industry for more than a century and are beloved for their tinned sardines, which are both skinless and boneless for ease of snacking on crackers or with a fork. The grilled mackerel is also quite delicious, and though we’re not big caviar people, we’ve also enjoyed munching on their Carivart caviar-style seaweed pearls, with all the salt and fishiness you’d expect from the real deal.


(via SEASON Brand)


Aloe Vio

We’ve always loved sipping on sweet and hydrating aloe water (especially when it comes packed with crunchy pulp), but as a brand, Aloe Vio takes aloe drinks to a whole new level. There are a bunch of reasons that aloe beverages are the ideal summertime drink, from being full of electrolytes to further hydration, plus aiding digestion and working as an anti-inflammatory, and with vitamins A, C and E, plus zinc and magnesium, with all kinds of benefits for the body—including the skin. While their classic aloe drinks are super tasty, but we’re especially obsessed with their sparkling aloe drinks, with sweet, soda-like flavors that make all of the magic of aloe even more fun. We’ve never had anything like them, and we’re definitely planning on replenishing our stock once we run out.

Aloe Vio/BevPax

(via BevPax)


Aura Bora

Every time Aura Bora drops a new sparkling water flavor, we simply have to try it, and the brand hasn’t let us down yet. The latest addition to the roster is Blueberry Wildfire, flavored with real herbs, fruit and flowers, with absolutely no sugar or calories and making for one extra-refreshing sip. With the sweet essence of blueberry nectar and chamomile flower, it’s super summery and light—though if you can’t get enough of sparkling water, like us, you’ll go through a case of them way too quickly.

Aura Bora Blueberry Wildflower flavor

(via Aura Bora)


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If you’re more than ready to get a head start on autumn and the season of fall flavors, KIND Bars have you covered. They just introduced two new flavors to the KIND Thins bars lineup—Chocolate Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple Cinnamon. Both soft bars are gluten-free and 100 calories or less while tasting like the changing seasons with their wonderfully complementary flavors.


(via KIND Bars)


Belgian Boys

Is there anything that Belgian Boys can’t do? We’re longtime fans of their delectable cookies and stroopwafels, as well as their pre-cooked pancakes, waffles, crepes and more, but their viral Pancake Cereal is something truly unique—and it’s back in a perfectly sweet and tempting Maple Pancake Cereal flavor. Whether you snack in a bowl with milk or coat the wonderfully tiny pancakes in your favorite toppings, you can’t go wrong, and we don’t see this trend going away anytime soon.

Belgian Boys

(via Belgian Boys)


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Righteous Felon

As people who consider beef jerky to be one of the major food groups, we’re always searching for new jerky brands to fall in love with, and Righteous Felon doesn’t just have an epic name—they deliver on flavor and quality, too. They’re all about protein-packed snacking, offering bags of beef and turkey jerky, as well as biltong and jerky sticks, in a dozen mouth-watering flavors. If you’re a fan of the iconic treat, there’s not going to be one among them you don’t love.

Righteous Felon

(via Righteous Felon)


Challah Back Girls

Not only does Challah Back Girls bake some of the most delicious challah we’ve ever tasted, but the women-owner, small-batch brand also teams up with various organizations to boost marginalized communities and advance social justice. They offer the traditionally Jewish braided bread in dozens of flavors, from sweet ones like Apple Cinnamon Sugar and Chocolate Chip to the savory CBG’s EBTB (with salt, poppy, flax, onion, hemp and chia seeds) and Onion Rolls—and all you have to do it freeze, defrost and heat in the oven to perfection.

Challah Back Girls

(via Challah Back Girls)


Jeni’s x Lonely Ghost

When Jeni’s ice cream collaborates with other brands, it’s about way more than just making delicious new flavors, and their latest team-up with streetwear brand Lonely Ghost is proof. The collab is all about remembering childhood joys—including the pleasures of cookies and ice cream—as well as living in the present moment. Their new Double Dough flavor encapsulates this perfectly, with hunks of chocolate chip cookie dough throughout a rich, buttery brown sugar custard for the ultimate nostalgia rush. If you love the sentiment, also be sure to check out Lonely Ghost’s “Melt Into the Moment” merch and nab their sweatshirt, tees and hat!

Lonely Ghost Jeni's double dough ice cream

(via Jeni’s)



Bored of your typical sugary-sweet sodas? If you’re searching for a new way to tickle your tastebuds with more robust flavors, look no further than Fauxmosa. The brand utilizes California grapes and just a touch of apple cider vinegar, plus real fruit juice and botanicals, to create all-ages drinks with way more complexity than your typical canned drinks. From Orange With Turmeric to Cranberry with Hibiscus & Ginger, Pineapple With Lemon & Mint and Grapefruit With Raspberry & Holy Basil, each flavor absolutely pops, with just 100 calories and no added sugar or sweeteners per can.

Fauxmosa canned drinks

(via Fauxmosa)


Saint James Iced Tea

When temperatures swell, nothing quenches our thirst quite like a rejuvenating iced tea, and Saint James Iced Tea takes the experience to the next level. All of their black and green teas are certified organic with no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives—just great, sippable teas infused with tasty flavors, and with just the right amount of sweetness. Their handy cartons also mean you can take them with you anytime, anywhere, and recap for storage on the go.

Saint James Iced Teas

(via Saint James Iced Tea)


Simple Mills

We can eat way too many Goldfish crackers in a single sitting, which is why we’re so pleased we’ve discovered this better-for-you and just-as-tasty alternative in the form of Simple Mills’ Pop Mmms. Not only are these bite-sized baked snacks extra crunchy with a salty, cheesy flavor, but they’re secretly packed with healthy veggies, allowing us to indulge in the nutritional goodness of butternut squash, red beans and arrowroot without even knowing it. Plus, a serving of 50 crackers is only 120 calories, making for blissful snacking.

Simple Mills Pop MMMs

(via Simple Mills)


Thrive Market

Chances are that you’ve heard of Thrive Market, the online grocer focused on healthy and sustainable eats and home products, and after trying some of their private label goodies, it’s clear that their monthly membership is well worth it. We tried all kinds of savory snacks from the brand, including delicious Sweet Potato Kettle Chips and Smoky BBQ Kettle Chips, as well as crunchy Veggie Chips, but we’re especially enamored with the Fruit Circles—peelable rounds of fruit leather made with real air-fried fruit in Mango, Strawberry and Superberry flavors.

Thrive Market snacks

(via Thrive Market)


Humble Potato Chips

Not all potato chips are created equal, and that’s where Humble Potato Chips come in. These chips are made with 100% organic potatoes and seasoned with only natural ingredients for chips that are tasty, crunchy and classic, perfect for everything from lunchboxes to game days. They also come in compostable bags, so they’re better for you as well as better for the planet.  In the bags we received, we even found that the brand has suspiciously few broken chips in each bag. We’re not quite sure how that works, but it’s another bonus point for Humble Potato Chips.

Humble Potato chips

(via Humble Potato Chips)


Drink Cusa

For those busy mornings when we don’t have time to mess around, delicious instant coffees and teas like the perfectly flavored options from Drink Cusa are a life-saver, and they truly have some of the best we’ve sipped. They can be enjoyed either hot or cold, which is especially useful for when you’re in a hurry, and the teas are full-flavored and energizing while the coffee lacks the bitterness you’d find in other instant coffee brands.

Drink Cusa black teas and coffees

(via Drink Cusa)


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