All the Best Foods and Drinks We Tried in July 2022

Summertime is the time to kick back, relax and have the time of your life—so why waste the best months of the year on boring food?

We're always up for trying all of the newest snacks, drinks and more, sniffing out the best so you don't have to. Don't want to waste your hard-earned cash on less-than-perfect eats? We tasted a lot of goodies over the last 31 days, so if you want to find out what we loved in July, keep scrolling to discover our faves.


When Carbone says they use "the world's best-tasting tomatoes" in their tomato sauces, they are not joking. We've sampled their Arrabbiata, Marinara, Tomato Basil and Roasted Garlic sauces, made with Italian tomatoes, and they're by far the best out-of-a-jar pasta sauces we've ever had. Their ingredients lists are so simple, yet feature the most delicious flavor combinations that'll make you crave pasta for every meal. Not sold yet? Joe Jonas recently shared this TikTok video where he crafted a scrumptious-looking homemade pizza made with Carbone sauce, and we don't know if we've ever seen a more beautiful pie.

carbona pasta sauces

(via Carbone)


Nadi Happy Hearts Apple Chips

For those times you want a snack that's crisp and delicious, but aren't looking to dig into salty junk foods, there's Nadi Happy Hearts Apple Chips. They're made with just one ingredient—apples—and come in Golden Delicious, Ida Red and Granny Smith flavors for every apple-lover, with a sweet and refreshing fruity finish and the right amount of crunch to keep you satisfied.

Nadi Happy Hearts Apple Chips

(via Nadi)


Stuffed Puffs

Summertime is s'mores season, and we can't get enough of Stuffed Puffs, not just for their awesome chocolate-filled marshmallows (which make campfire s'mores tastier and totally mess-free), but also for their new Big Bites, which aren't just filled with goodness, but are coated in tasty toppings, too. While we love all three varieties, the S'mores have to be our faves.

Stuffed Puffs Big Bites Variety

(via Stuffed Puffs)


Madison Brown

If you're looking for a creamy, luxurious and decadent ice cream brand that gets the classics right, look no further than Madison Brown. Their flavors are familiar yet truly fabulous, with their Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies 'N Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Mint Chocolate Chip being some of our favorite takes on the tried-and-true varieties we've tasted. One standout, however, has to be their innovative Red Velvet flavor, combining chocolate cake ice cream with real chunks of red velvet cake and a generous swirl of cream cheese frosting to be our favorite take on red velvet yet.

Madison Brown Vanilla Ice Cream pint

(via Madison Brown)


Lesser Evil

When we think of flavored popcorns, we usually think of savory flavors like cheese and garlic, or dessert-y takes like caramel and chocolate drizzle, but Lesser Evil does something completely different with their unique fruity popcorns. Their popcorn is fresh and perfectly popped, but coated with a light powdering of oddly delicious fruit flavors that are refreshing as they are delicious. Our favorite has to be the Lemonade flavor, with the perfect combination of tangy bite and sweetness, but the Peach Mango and Watermelon Hibiscus are just as worthy of snacking on all day long.

lesser Evil organic popcorn

(via Lesser Evil)


NotCo NotBurger

Looking for a plant-based burger that actually tastes like beef? Look no further than NotCo's shockingly delicious NotBurger. It's way better for the planet, using less water, CO2 and energy, while somehow replicating the taste of a classic hamburger patty with bizarre accuracy. With a satisfying sizzle and the ability to brown like real beef, it's as close you can get to a full-meat burger without eating meat. Plus, the burger is free of soy, GMOs or cholesterol, so it'll keep your body as happy as your tastebuds.

NotCo vegan notburger

(via NotCo)


Magic Spoon

We've tried a number of high-protein, low-carb cereals in our time, but Magic Spoon is a truly special brand. We love the great crunch of their loops and the way they soak in your favorite milk, but it's the flavors that really set Magic Spoon apart. They've got all the classics, including Fruity, Peanut Butter, Cocoa and Frosted, but also offer more innovative flavors like S'mores, Blueberry Muffin and Maple Waffle, for every breakfast-lover out there.

Magic Spoon cereal variety

(via Magic Spoon)


Gutzy Organic

Something marketed as a "gut health snack" may not sound all that exciting, but we're huge fans of Gutzy Organic's tasty and easy-to-eat blends of fruits, veggies and botanicals. They come in super convenient packages with a twist-off top, and each pouch contains five to six grams of organic prebiotics to help you maintain gut health. Of course, the best part is that they taste great, with fresh, bright fruity flavors and an apple sauce consistency that's great for anywhere, any time.

Gutzy gut health snack

(via Gutzy Organic)



Who says that fruity candy can only come in sweet and sour flavors? We love traditional Mexican candies, which coat classic sweet treats in chili powder for a spicy complementary kick, which is why we're slightly obsessed with Tamalitoz. The brand puts a twist on the flavor combination by creating mouth-watering hard candies with the chili, lime and sea salt mixed right in, for complexity that'll keep you coming back for more. They also have loads of great flavors to choose from, but we especially live Tantalizing Tamarind, Pineapple Galore and Divine Watermelon.

Tamalitoz Candy bags

(via Tamalitoz)



If you're looking for a premium mochi ice cream experience, Mochidoki has you covered. Their frozen mochi desserts have the most delicate and delicious rice cake surrounding their scrumptious ice cream fillings, with both a unique softness and exquisitely unmatched flavors. If you're looking for something unusual, their fragrant floral Jasmine Boba mochi or their complex Açai Cacao Crunch will tantalize your tastebuds in a whole new way, but we also adore their Matcha, Espresso, Chocolate Hazelnut and Cake Batter varieties.

Mochidoki mochi assorted flavors

(via Mochidoki)


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Pow Magic Matcha

Here at Sweety High, we love all things matcha, but we never realized our matcha could do even more for us. Enter Pow Matcha. The brand takes classic matcha powder, with its natural, non-jittery caffeine and antioxidants, and adds lion's mane for improved focus, cognition and blood flow as well as ashwagandha for decreased anxiety and stress for the ultimate chill-out drink.  The result is a silky beverage with the same earthy, soothing taste as your favorite high-quality matcha, with additional benefits that'll keep you coming back for more.

Pow Magic MAtcha

(via Pow)


Seapoint Farms Mighty Lil' Crunchy Corn

We're not exaggerating when we say we're slightly addicted to Seapoint Farm's Mighty Lil' Crunchy Corn. The texture is somewhere between popcorn and a Corn Nut, giving you that awesome sense of crunch blended with fluffiness—so you never feel like you're going to break your teeth on them. The Pink Himalayan Salt flavor is even tastier than you'd expect, despite the simplicity, but the Zesty Ranch is out-of-this-world, with savory, zesty flavors that make it tough not to eat an entire bag in one sitting.

Seapoint farms mighty lil crunchy corn

(via Seapoint Farms)



Twinings is a beloved tea brand that's perfected the classics of the years, but we're especially enamored with some of the newer wellness-oriented offerings. Their Glow+ tea is full of bright peachy flavor while containing biotin for great skin, while their Adaptogens Calm blend combines delicious vanilla and fig flavors with ashwagandha for an effective soothing effect. They also have new Cold Water Infusions, for those who aren't into hot teas. Simply add to your cold water bottle, wait five minutes and drink for awesome flavors and added benefits like immune support from vitamin C and probiotics.

Twinings cold Water infusions

(via Twinings)


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Real Good Foods

Real Good Foods is proof that not all frozen foods are created equal. They specialize in low-carb, high-protein versions of all of your frozen favorites, from tasty chicken nuggets and strips to scrumptious, meaty breakfast bowls, crispy breakfast bites and even delicious tacos that defy all conventions by using crispy chicken as the taco shells. We're especially fond of the tacos and their unique take on Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chalupa—especially when it's made nice and crispy in the air fryer.

Real Good Foods variety of frozen foods

(via Real Good Foods)


Sweety Ice Cream

For delicious ice cream mochi without breaking the bank, we've recently fallen in love with Sweety Ice Cream—and that's not just because we share a name! Their mochis are big, soft and absolutely packed with delicious ice cream flavors, whether you want something familiar like Classic Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla or Simply Strawberry, or want to explore exciting Asian flavors including Ube Purple Yam or Alphonso Mango. We especially love their drink-inspired flavors, including classic Matcha Green Tea and Vietnamese Coffee, for a satisfying summer treat.

Sweety Ice Cream mochi variety pack

(via Sweety Ice Cream)



While we're slightly addicted to bubble tea, we're not big fans of the tummy aches and crashes that can result from sipping the typical sugary versions of the classic drink. If you're in the same boat, BUBLUV is here to save the day. Their drinks are bottled (so there's no prep whatsoever, and though they contain tapioca pearls, there's absolutely no added sugar and 50 calories or fewer in every bottle.) The result is light and refreshing bubble tea drinks in Black Milk Tea, Passionfruit Oolong Guava and Matcha Soy Latte flavors with satisfying tapioca bubbles. Yes, they're less sweet than the competition, but they're still delicious—and they even come with eco-conscious paper straws!

Bubluv bubble tea flavors

(via BUBLUV)


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Partners Coffee

Instant coffees tend to have a bad rap, known for bitter, almost tart flavors and chalky consistencies—and most brands aren't helping. Partners Coffee aims to change all of that with their new specialty instant coffees. They take coffee seriously, so their instant coffee blends actually taste great, with flavor notes such as chocolate and toffee for their Brooklyn blend, notes of peach, fresh cream and vanilla in El Ramo and hints of caramel, jordan almond and poached pear in the Jumpstart blend. Just add hot water (and, if you're like us, plenty of milk and sugar) and enjoy something you'd never guess was instant.

Partners Coffee Roasters Jumpstart

(via Partners Coffee)



Tropicana may be best known for their pure-squeezed orange juices, but they've got some new and creative flavors on the roster this summer that all lovers of fruity flavors just have to check out. Their Peachy Pineapple Paradise blend is tropical, made even more summery and bright with vibrant peach flavor, while their Piña Colada drink combines pineapple, coconut and lime for a beverage that tastes like a vacation in every sip. Even once temperatures cool down, we plan to come back to them again and again to bring us back to the feeling of the summer months.

Tropicana summer drinks

(via Tropicana)


Naked Juice

As longtime fans of Naked Juice, we're always eager to try out their latest flavors, and their new Mighty Berry Antioxidants Smoothie is ridiculously refreshing and packed with fruity goodness. It contains apple, plum, banana, pomegranate, white grape, blueberry and carrot for an antioxidant-rich blend full of vitamins A, B3, B5, B6, B12 C and E, with a tangy berry flavor that makes it easy to sip and refresh your body.

Naked mighty berry shake

(via Naked Juice)


Hooray Foods

Hooray Foods has been our favorite plant-based bacon brand for a while, and their new-and-improved recipe is a thing of wonder. We just don't know how the brand uses a blend of coconut oil, white rice flour, pea starch and tapioca starch to make a ridiculously tasty substitute with a meaty, smoky flavor and great texture! Whether you like your bacon chewy or extra crispy, you can get Hooray's bacon to your preferences in a pan, oven or air fryer. It also has fewer calories and less salt than real bacon, with zero cholesterol while also being gluten- and soy-free.

Hooray foods plant-based bacon and BLT

(via Hooray Foods)


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Chamberlain Coffee x OffLimits Coffee Cereal

Emma Chamberlain's Chamberlain Coffee has been at the center of some of the very best food and drink collabs we've seen all year, and their Coffee Cereal made in collaboration with OffLimits is ingenious. After trying the DASH flavor (which also happens to be gluten-free and vegan) we're not sure why coffee-flavored cereal isn't a breakfast staple. It's made with freshly ground coffee beans to get you going first thing in the morning, and it'll make you want to drink down every last drop of that cereal milk.

Chamberlain Coffee x OffLimits coffee cereal

(via Chamberlain Coffee)


Giorgio Cookie Company

Giorgio Cookie Company is a unique brand bringing fine Italian baking to the masses, with tempting biscotti and Italian cookies you won't be able to put down. We tried both their Dark Chocolate Hazelnut and White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies, made with deliciously buttery and crumbly Italian shortbread sandwiched around decadent fillings. But the star was definitely their Salted Caramel Biscotti, with just the right amount of bite and the perfect combination of salty and sweet flavors to make it tough not to eat the whole container in one go.

Giorgio Cookie Company biscotti and Italian cookies sampler

(via Giorgio Cookie Company)



We'll admit that we can never resist Sugarfina's delicious candies, and their new Champagne Wishes collection has some of the best-tasting gummy bears in a family-friendly package. It features both a celebration bottle of their signature Champagne Bears, plus both small and large candy cubes and a celebration bottle of their limited edition Strawberry Champagne Bears, with their classic signature white grape flavor and incredible texture. We also have to recommend their delicious Venus Strawberries, which are freeze-dried strawberries coated in white chocolate and covered in a crunchy candy shell. The set makes the perfect gift, and even though it's a lot of candy, chances are it won't take long for it all to get gobbled up.

Sugarfina champagne wishes candy set

(via Sugarfina)



Leave it to MrBeast and his chocolate brand, Feastables, to have some of the purest, tastiest chocolate bars around. We tried both their Original Chocolate and Chocolate Sea Salt bars, with the smallest ingredients lists we've ever seen for chocolate—just cane sugar, organic chocolate liquor, organic cocoa butter and sunflower lecithin for the former, plus sea salt for the latter. The bars are dark, rich and delicious, without any unnecessary junk.

MrBeast Feastables chocolate bars

(via Feastables)


Purity Coffee

With so many coffee brands out there these days, it can be hard for brands to differentiate themselves, but we think we've found something special with Purity Coffee. Their organic coffees have specifically chosen high-antioxidant, low-acid blends designed to enhance health. For example, their Ease blend has prebiotic benefits to improve digestion, while the decaffeinated Calm blend has anti-inflammatory properties—and even better, they all taste incredible, with unique flavor profiles. Since we don't always have access to a coffee machine, we're also big fans of their single-serve sachets, which work just like tea bags to make delicious cups of coffee, without the machinery and fuss.

Purity Coffee varieties

(via Purity Coffee)


Growee Foods

Tired of the same old boring spreads? Growee Foods is offering something bold and different with their mouthwatering plant-based spreads, packed with real veggies and spices to add exquisite flavor to everything from sandwiches to salads. We tried their Three Pepper Spread, with tomatoes and bell peppers combined for sweet, fresh complexity, and their addictive Curry Zucchini Spread with a South Asian kick. We especially love the spreads as a dip for crackers, chips and veggies, but when it comes to recipes, the sky truly is the limit.

Growee Foods spreads

(via Growee Foods)


Catalina Crunch

From the very start, Catalina Crunch has been a brand dedicated to making great foods with little to no sugar, with a focus on real ingredients and including plenty of protein, fiber and good fats. We're longtime fans of their cereals, but we have to say we've found a new favorite product from the brand in the form of their sandwich cookies. While even store-brand versions of classic sandwich cookies can be a disappointment, Catalina Crunch's Chocolate Vanilla is so good you'll have a hard time telling it apart from a classic Oreo cookie—and that's without loads of sugar.

Catalina Crunch sandwich cookies

(Catalina Crunch)



We're loving the adaptogenic food trend, and while we primarily associate brain- and health-boosting adaptogens with tasty beverages, it turns out they can be incorporated into foods, too. Toodaloo has the most innovative take yet with adaptogenic trail mixes, featuring sprouted nuts, seeds, dried superfruits and more in tasty coatings, and with different adaptogens in every bag. Our favorite has to be the Smoke Show flavor, a rich barbecue mix with chaga and cordyceps to support energy, but you really can't go wrong with any of their offerings.

Toodaloo adaptogen trail mix

(via Toodaloo)


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