All the Best Foods and Drinks We Tried in May 2022

If you're anything like us, you're constantly seeing tempting new foods and drinks at stores, online and everywhere else—but who has the time (or the cash) to try them all and see which ones are actually worth putting in your body?

Here at Sweety High, we do all the heavy lifting (aka tasting) for you. And we tasted all kinds of deliciousness over the last month. Want to know what we loved? Keep scrolling to discover all of our faves from the month of May.

Fila Manila

Fila Manila is committed to bringing authentic Filipino flavors to the world, and their bold simmer sauces and condiments make it so easy to enjoy the nation's cuisine, without the painstaking processes of making them from scratch. Their Adobo sauce allows users to recreate the Philippines' signature dish, full of garlic, onion and Filipino herbs, plus a touch of chili, for an unforgettable addition to meats, veggies and more. We also love their peanuty Kare Kare sauce, packed with both vinegary and savory flavors for a great stew, and their sweet Banana Ketchup is great for everything from fries, hot dogs and burgers to eggs, noodles or even meat dishes. If you're a stranger to Filipino foods, Fila Manila will help you fall in love with them.

Fila Manila balikbayan box

(via Fila Manila)



Spudsy would be special even if all they did was make bags of sweet potato fries and puffs in all kinds of tasty flavors—but they do so much more. All of their snacks are actually made from upcycled sweet potatoes that would otherwise be tossed out because they're deemed "imperfect" due to flaws in things like size, shape and color. Instead of going to a landfill, the potatoes are shaped into delicious fries and puffs with awesome earthy sweetness and great texture, and they even come in flavors like Hot Fry and Cinnamon Churro, so there's a flavor out there for any food-lover— whether they actually adore sweet potatoes or not.

Spudsy sweet potato fries and puffs

(via Spudsy)



Jeni's has to be one of our favorite ice cream brands of all time, but they've really outdone themselves with their returning Sunshine flavor. It was created for Mental Health Awareness month to raise awareness for and spark conversations about mental health, with a muted, cloudy grey color, but a flavor that's as bright as they come. This luxuriously creamy and rich ice cream features vibrant lemon, tart tangerine and the complexity of passionfruit to create a taste that's as close to actual sunshine as it gets. It's so tasty, and we love the way Jeni's teamed up with Depressed Cake Shop and Lonely Ghost to share their important message even further.

Jeni's sunshineice cream and lonely ghost hoodie

(via Jeni's)


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So Delicious Wondermilk Cones

We've never been able to turn down a sundae cone, so we can see how painful it must be for those who don't eat dairy to always have to say no to them. But Delicious's Wondermilk cones remedy this issue with 100% dairy-free desserts, and in Vanilla Peanut Sundae and Salted Caramel Sundae flavors, they're so good, you'd never know the difference. Despite being dairy-free, they're sure to satisfy even the most avid lovers of traditional ice cream.

So Delicious Wondermilk Sundae Cones

(via So Delicious)


Daily Crunch

Just because you're already an almond-lover doesn't mean you've tried anything like Daily Crunch. That's because they use sprouted almonds, putting the nuts through a unique soaking process that makes them more nutrient-dense and easy to digest, while also giving them a tastier and more satisfying crunch. From their savory and flavorful Golden Goodness flavor to their delicately sweet Cacao + Sea Salt variety, plus the fiery yet sweet Nashville Hot flavor, they have a little something for every nut lover.

Daily Crunch grab and go sprouted almonds

(via Daily Crunch)



SusieCakes is the go-to Californian bakery for all things cakes (and cupcakes), but until recently, only those on the West Coast were lucky enough to get to indulge in their treats. Now, those days are in the past, with SusieCakes offering nationwide shipping on their best-selling Celebration Cake and Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake, so that anyone can order and enjoy. We were sent the chocolate cake, with six layers of rich, moist chocolate cake sandwiched between their thick signature dark chocolate buttercream frosting. It's an all-around winner for anyone who loves chocolate—especially frosting lovers.

SusieCakes chocolate cake

(via SusieCakes)


Halo Top Sorbet

Halo Top always wins in our books, but their new fruit sorbets absolutely knock it out of the park. Coming in Raspberry, Mango and Strawberry flavors, they're all delicately sweetened and packed with fruity goodness, with a creamy, scoopable texture you'll adore. Plus, with 50% (or more) less sugar than the competition, even calorie-counters can indulge to their hearts' content.

Halo Top raspberry fruit sorbet

(via Halo Top)


Nutcase Vegan Nutty Loaf

Vegan "meats" can be a bit hit-or-miss, but the folks at Nutcase Vegan know what they're doing, and there's a good reason their Nutty Loaf is industry-award winning. While you can heat it and serve it with vegan gravy and mashed potatoes (which sounds awesome), we just enjoyed it sliced like deli meat. It has a crumbly, meatloaf-like texture and is packed with nutty umami flavor that kept us coming back for more. And guess what? Everything else they sell is also ridiculously tasty.

Nutcase Vegan Meats nutty loaf

(via Nutcase)



If you're not great at drinking enough water, Plink! is here to save the day. It's designed to instantly turn your boring old water into a tasty and refreshing drink, coming in tablets that instantly dissolve and fizz in water, adding flavor as well as tasty bubbles. It's also packed with electrolytes and contains fewer than 14 calories and just a gram of sugar per serving. Their Pomegranate Berry, Pineapple Grapefruit and Watermelon flavors are all delicious, with just the right balance of sweetness and tart flavor, plus a hint of carbonation.

plink! drink drops

(via Plink)



Looking for a ready-made tinned meal that you can just pop open and eat? Look no further than Freshé and their small meals that are packed with protein. Though these 4.25 oz. meals are small, they're surprisingly satisfying—especially for something you can eat cold. With wild tuna or salmon in every tin and 11 grams of protein or more, they're each paired with great flavors and vibrant ingredients that'll leave you feeling great. Plus, they're shelf-stable, making them great for camping or travel, or even just a super-fast meal on the go—though we have to say they can be a little fishy-smelling.

Freshé Siclian Caponata meal

(via Freshé)



Carne seca is a Mexican specialty that translates to "dried beef," and if you're not yet familiar with its delicious and wholesome flavor, you have to try Vacadillos. Their products are air-dried, with zero sugar or preservatives, and taste like your favorite beef jerky—only better. They're also famous for their heat-packed flavors, like Reaper, Scorpion and Habanero, all using delicious and natural pepper flavors for the spice lovers out there.

(via Vacadillos)


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Omsom East Asian Sampler

Looking for a way to make delicious meals with authentic, made-from-scratch East Asian flavor, but without all of the heavy lifting that entails? Omsom and their incredible East Asian Sampler are here to help. This pack contains six starters to make meals you won't believe you created yourself, and all you have to do is pour the sauce over your protein and veggies and cook for an easy, tasty meal. The Japanese Yuzu Misoyaki infuses chicken, fish or seafood with umami goodness and bright, tangy citrus, pairing beautifully with a bowl of white rice. The Korean Spicy Bulgogi adds that traditional Korean barbecue flavor, with a splash of spicy gochujang, to fire up meat dishes with smokey heat. Lastly, the Chinese Masa Salad mix is another spicy mixture, using Sichuan peppercorns for a dish that's as flavorful as it is hot. Believe us when we say you won't want to miss any of these great mixes.

East Asian Omsom Sampler

(via Omsom)


reHarvest Provisions

While lots of frozen treats can be full of junk, reHarvest Provisions uses only the very best fruit and veggie ingredients (which otherwise would have been unnecessarily thrown out) and repurposes them into delightfully smooth sorbet pops. They come in Very Berry Glow, Tropical Bliss Recover, Super Greens Detox and Frosé All Day Chill flavors, each with their own unique ingredients for different health benefits, making them taste great and be good for you at the same time. Even better? You can keep them at room temperature until you're ready to freeze them.

reHarvest Provisions superfood smoothie pops

(via reHarvest Provisions)


Wild Planet

What's even better than a tuna salad sandwich? A tuna salad sandwich that uses sustainably caught fish. Overfishing is a huge issue, but Wild Planet was created with that problem in mind, born out of love and reverence for the ocean. They use pole-and-line and trolling methods to catch 100% of their fish, and maybe it's just us, but the tuna tastes so much better than what we've tried in the past. They even offer different types of tuna, such as albacore, skipjack and yellowfin, as well as ready-to-eat tuna salads. We love the Wild Tuna Pasta Salad best, but they're all pretty tasty.

Wild Planet tuna pasta salad bowl

(via Wild Planet)


Kalahari Snacks

We've never seen a meaty snack brand quite like Kalahari. In addition to their delicious air-dried biltong, the brand also has air-dried beef chips, called Kalahari Crisps, and we cannot get enough. They may sound weird, but the chips are ultra meaty (and packed with protein), with a super satisfying crunch. And the Southwest Verde flavor tastes like salsa verde Doritos!

(via Kalahari Snacks)


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Sunkist Sauces

Sunkist doesn't just make soda anymore! The brand has recently gotten into the dressings and sauces game, and they're killing it with great flavors, each integrating citrus and other fruits in unique ways to add new life to salads and more. At the moment, we're all about their Orange Sesame Ginger Dressing, with an Asian-inspired flavor that brightens up any salad with tangy sweetness while also being perfect for dipping egg rolls, marinating meats and more.

Sunkist Orange ginger sesame dressing salad

(via Sunkist Sauces)



An energy drink without caffeine? It sounds too good to be true, but Update is doing the impossible with their unique line of drinks. The secret is paraxanthine, an ingredient that occurs naturally alongside caffeine, included for better focus and energy, as well as enhanced productivity and mood. It also includes taurine and vitamin B12, both found in Red Bull, for that familiar boost, as well as L-theanine. Somehow, this stuff really does work, without the crash you'd get from a caffeinated energy drink. They also have vibrant fruit flavors, packed with that signature energy drink taste, but with absolutely zero sugar. We love the Peach flavor the best, but the others are super tasty, too.

Update energy drinks

(via Update)


Agua Bonita

If you're not already a massive fan of agua fresca, Agua Bonita will be the perfect introduction to this classic, popular throughout Mexico and Central America. While it's typically made at home by blending fresh fruit with water, lime juice and a hint of sugar, this canned variety does all of the hard work for you so you can simply enjoy it. It comes in Pineapple Cucumber, Mango Habanero, Watermelon Chile and Hibiscus flavors, each one tasting so refreshing, with just a hint of saltiness—which also makes it full of electrolytes. The spicy flavors happen to be our faves.

Agua Bonita aqua fresca

(via Agua Bonita)


RED Chocolate

Looking for a great chocolatey taste, without tons of sugar? RED Chocolate has you covered. They use special recipes to make bars with no added sugar, fewer calories and reduced-fat, resulting in keto-friendly bars that still taste amazing. Even better, their ingredients are also ethically sourced. Their flavors include Dark Chocolate With Orange and Almond, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate With Hazelnuts and Macadamia Nuts, 60% Extra Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, with the newest addition being their delicious Blonde bar, featuring caramelized white chocolate.

RED Chocolate bars

(via RED Chocolate)



CULT is a unique brand that specializes in tasty drinks designed for maximum hydration and taste with no sugar or sodium, and 10 calories or fewer per bottle. We got to try their delicious Pomegranate flavor, which blends the natural goodness of green rooibos with honeybush and natural hibiscus, plus tasty pomegranate, for something that's refreshing, earthy and well-rounded. It has just enough sweetness to keep it super sippable and is full of electrolytes and antioxidants to keep you going, making it the ultimate thirst-quencher.

CULT botanical infusion pomegranate

(via CULT)



Do Anything Sauce

Do Anything is a brand that specializes in classic sauces, but with a veggie-packed twist. And their Kale Pesto and Beet Pesto in particular have completely won our hearts. The Kale Pesto is a more traditional, basil and garlic pesto with rich flavor, while the earthiness of the beets is the star of the show in the Beet Pesto. Sure, you can pair them with pasta, but they also make amazing dips and spreads for any type of meal. In fact, the Beet Pesto is so good we eat it right out of the jar with a spoon—no judgments!

(via Do Anything)


KO Matcha

If you've never had ceremonial-grade matcha, you're seriously missing out, and KO makes the high-quality stuff more accessible than it's ever been. It's made with 100% premium powdered camelia sinensis, grown in Uji, Japan, and you can taste the difference with every sip. It comes in a super fine, super green powder that can be made into either hot or cold matcha drinks, with an unmatched earthy, bitter flavor you'll love.

(via KO Matcha)



Here's yet another great biltong brand we've loved for a while. Stryve's offerings resemble beef jerky but are made with an air-dried preservation process that's been used in South Africa for hundreds of years. Their meat is soaked in vinegar and coated in dry rub seasoning before the drying process, resulting in ultra-thin, super snackable slices that keep in flavor and nutrients. Their delicious flavors are something you won't want to miss.

(via Stryve)


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Lily's Sweets

We're longtime fans of Lily's Sweets, known for their delicious chocolates, made with absolutely no added sugar, so when we heard they were also adding gummies to the roster, we had to try them. Both their new Sour Gummy Worms and Gummy Bears have all the great, fruity flavor you'd expect from classic gummies, but with natural flavors and stevia, and they have less than one gram of sugar per serving. We love their slightly dense texture with a little bite, making them delightfully indulgent.

Lily's No Sugar Added Gummy Bears and Worms

(via Lily's Sweets)


Broc Shot

Broc Shot is unlike any other wellness and beauty shot we've ever seen, and when we heard about it, we just had to give it a try. It's packed with 15 mg of sulforaphane per shot—the same amount in 10 lbs. of raw broccoli—which is clinically proven to have all kinds of benefits for the mind, body and brain. It has natural antioxidants while also strengthening gut health, enhancing immunity and digestion, and supporting healthy brain function—and results are guaranteed in just days. Simply push the top of the cap down until it's flush with the lid, shake well, and chug to enjoy all of the benefits. Broc Shot comes in three flavors—Original, Ginger + Lime and Pineapple + Mint, with the last being our favorite. Yes, they do have a bit of a broccoli aftertaste (and smell), but the benefits are worth it, and you'll feel them fast.

Broc Shot Broccoli Shots

(via Broc Shot)



We love more grown-up snack packs that bring all of the deliciousness of a charcuterie board together in an easy-to-eat container, and Cello's offerings are some of the best we've seen. One features Fontal Cheese With Dried Blueberries and Lemon Praline Almonds, blending sweet, tangy and salty flavors, offset by a semi-soft and mild cheese. The other includes Copper Kettle Cheese With Lemon Ginger Cherries and Praline Pecans, melding the flavors of semi-hard parmesan, toffee-like pecans and cherries with a complex flavor profile to make for something totally innovative. If your mouth isn't watering yet, we don't know what to tell you.

Cello Cheese Snack Packs

(via Cello)



IZZE's sparkling juice drinks are boldly flavored, fruit-based fizzy drinks that will beat your favorite soda anytime. We love them in their 8.4 oz. mini cans, which feels like just the perfect serving size for their tart and delicious fruity flavors—especially the variety pack that comes with fan favorites Apple, Blackberry, Grapefruit and Clementine. If the bottled IZZE drinks in the fridge behind the counter at Chipotle have been calling your name, here's your sign to finally try them.

IZZE sparkling juice drinks

(via IZZE)


Upright Oats

Oat milk is our favorite plant-based milk to add to coffees and teas, but it's not always the most accessible option. Upright Oats changes all of that with their powdered oat milk. With up to eight grams of oat protein per serving, and full of essential vitamins and minerals, it's a great on-the-go option—and it even comes in single-serve packets. It's available in Original, Original Unsweetened, Vanilla and Chocolate Flavors, and they're all as delicious as they are easy to make.

Upright Instant Oatmilk

(via Upright Oats)

FILLO's Walking Tamales

FILLO's Walking Tamales reinvents the ready-to-eat bar with a meal the size and shape of a granola or protein bar, but that's actually a shelf-stable, clean-label and ready-to-eat tamale in a neat package. You can eat them right out of the bag—no fork needed!—so they're great for when you're in a hurry or on the go, but you can also pop them in the microwave for 25 seconds to get them warm. They come in savory flavors, like Bean Salsa Verde, Bean Salsa Roja and Bean Salsa Habanero, and sweet flavors, including Mexican Chocolate Almond, Strawberry Coconut and Peanut Butter Piloncillo. We prefer the savory ones, but they're all hearty and wholesome.

Fillos walking tamales

(via Fillos)



We love when companies find new ways to pack healthier and more nutrient-rich ingredients into classic salty snacks, and Hippeas achieves this with the help of delicious, plant-powdered chickpeas. The brand makes both chickpea-based puffs and tortilla chips that taste like your favorites, while also being vegan, gluten-free and full of both protein and fiber. The only problem is that once you start snacking, it's hard to stop!

Hippeas organic chickpea snacks

(via Hippeas)



Sunshine energy drinks are just designed to do more. They're full of essential electrolytes, including calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as 100% of your daily recommended intake of vitamins A, B3, B3, B6, B12, C, D and E, plus 70 mg of caffeine derived from organic green coffee beans to give you a boost without overdoing it. Best of all, the flavors are also phenomenal. We're loving the Tropical Pineapple, which combines coconut and pineapple to create a piña colada-like taste that picks us right up.

Sunshine energy drinks

(via Sunshine)


Vite Ramen

Vite Ramen is anything but your average instant ramen. Unlike the packs of ramen you can get for a quarter at the grocery store, the Vite Ramen's noodles are made with a blend of quinoa, corn fiber, wheat and kansui, making them loaded with protein, fiber and 27 micronutrients, while also tasting great and having a tender texture with a great bite. Just add the noodle block to boiling water and cook for three minutes before adding the powdered flavor packet and aromatic oil for a huge bowl of ramen (though, we recommend less than their recommended 2.5 cups of water for a more flavorful broth). Our favorites are the Beef Pho and Vegan Sichuan Chili flavors—the latter of which includes delicious Fly By Jing Chili Crisp sauce. These make so much food you might even have to pack up your leftovers for later!

Vite Ramen Bowel

(via Vite Ramen)



We're longtime fans of Swoon and their zero-sugar, low-calorie teas and lemonades, but their latest product release is by far their most exciting yet. The folks at Swoon teamed up with social media superstar Emma Chamberlain to create a Matcha Lemonade using their lemonade and her matcha, and the result is a match made in flavor heaven. The lemonade is sweet yet citrusy, complemented well by the lightly earthy and slightly bitter flavor of matcha, and with 70 mg of clean caffeine to get you moving in the mornings, without a crash in the afternoon.

Swoon Emma Chamberlain Coffee Matcha Lemonade

(via Swoon)


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Need to get super hydrated, fast? Hydralyte is a brand built for advanced hydration, with both electrolyte powders and tablets that just need to be added to water to rapidly replace fluids and electrolytes. Whether you're losing water from travel, heat, lots of activity or something like a fever or stomach bug, Hydralyte will help you recover faster than regular water—and best of all, they taste delicious, too.

Hydralyte Electrolyte Powder Tablets

(via Hydralyte)


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