Fall might be our favorite time of the year, not just because the weather gets cooler and things get a little spooky around Halloween, but because the season comes with some truly fabulous foods.

This October, in particular, was an incredible month for trying all of the best new meals, snacks, drinks and more. Curious about what we loved best? Just keep scrolling to discover all of our favorites from the month.

Silver Hills Bakery

It’s no stretch to say that we love bread, and while some healthy breads can miss the mark in terms of taste and texture, Silver Hills Bakery ticks all of our boxes. Their plant-based breads, bagels, buns and tortillas are made from simple ingredients, including sprouted grains that make them as nutrient-dense as possible, without sacrificing taste. Just don’t let these sit around uneaten for too long. We’ve found that the lack of junk preservatives can mean they have a slightly shorter shelf life than typical breads.

Silver Hills bakery bread and bagels

(via Silver Hills Bakery)



Whether you’re vegan, try to eat plant-based a few times a week or just don’t like having to buy a dozen eggs when you only need one or two, Acremade’s shelf-stable egg substitute needs to be on your radar. It’s free of the top nine allergens and makes an awesome sub for both egg dishes and baking by simply mixing the powder with water. We love that each serving has five grams of pea protein, but the most important thing is that it actually tastes like eggs, with a fluffy texture we might actually prefer to the real deal.

acre made egg substitute

(via Acremade)


Molly Bz Cookies

Love huge, dense cookies that are absolutely packed with incredible flavors? Molly Bz is here to brighten your day. Their gourmet cookies are anything but ordinary, with flavors including the Fruity Pebble-stuffed Piña Colada, the maple-bacon Bossman, the rum-and-coffee flavored Big Joe and the earl grey tea and lavender-infused The Tea, which are so huge you’ll want to split them with a friend (or two). And don’t worry—just because some of the flavors are a bit boozy doesn’t mean they actually contain alcohol!

Molly Bz cookies

(via Molly Bz Cookies)


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We adore SkinnyDipped and their lighter approach to delicious dipped nuts, but their new Unicorn Birthday Cake cashews take things to the next level to become their most delicious item yet. Available only on Gopuff, these buttery cashews are dipped in a thin layer of frosting-like vanilla yogurt with unicorn sprinkles for a birthday-flavored treat that’s as satisfying and nutrient-packed as it is decadent. We’re not ashamed to admit we got through the whole bag in a day.

SkinnyDipped unicorn birthday cake cashews

(via Gopuff)



Few things are more delicious than exquisitely smoked salmon, and Sizzlefish has some of the tastiest offerings we’ve ever tried. We were lucky enough to sample their Smoked Fish Smorgasbord, featuring smoke-roasted sockeye salmon, Cajun smoked salmon, gravlax salmon, salmon pate, salmon bacon and pastrami-style smoked salmon, and it was all so fabulous that we weren’t even starting to get tired of smoked salmon by the time it was done. And, while you can serve it all up at once on a charcuterie board for a fancy dinner, everything also ships frozen, so if you prefer to indulge at your own pace, you can keep each item in the freezer until you’re actually ready to enjoy.

sizzlefish smoked fish smorgasbord

(via Sizzlefish)


XO Marshmallow

We firmly believe that XO Marshmallow’s gourmet, hand-made marshmallows are good enough to convert even the most adamant marshmallow doubters into believers. For the spooky month of October, we tried their mouthwatering Candy Bar marshmallows, flavored with chocolate and salted caramel and embedded with mini M&M’s, as well as their sugar-coated, chocolate button-eyed Boo Thang Marshmallow Ghosts. Their unique and innovative flavors mean that there’s something on the menu for everyone, and while they’re delicious right out of the box, they’re even more irresistible when you get them nice and toasty under the broiler for a couple of minutes.

XO Marshmallow october ghost and candy bar marshmallows

(via XO Marshmallow)


The Good Bean

We first fell in love with The Good Bean earlier this year after trying their delicious, savory crunchy chickpeas (especially the Classic Hummus flavors) as well as their chocolate-covered chickpeas, but the brand just expanded in a big way to offer even more great options for fans to love. First, their Black Edamame Snacking Beans are crunchy and wholesome, with a natural, earthy taste and Sea Salt, Thai Chili and Lime and Wasabi flavors to keep you coming back for more. On a totally different note, they also introduced Heat and Eat pouches of hearty, good-for-you bean-based meals. We’re huge fans of the Santa Fe Green Chile Stew With White Beans, but the Coconut Curry Chickpeas, Mexican Smoky Chipotle With Pinto Beans and Low Carb Chili are all stars in their own right, too.

the good bean black edamame and heat and eat beans

(via The Good Bean)


Plant Perfect

If you’ve ever looked at the nutrition facts on classic salad dressings, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of them aren’t that great for you. Many have loads of cholesterol and are off-limits to plant-based eaters because they contain dairy products and even meats. For anyone looking for an alternative, Plant Perfect has some incredible options. They’re fully vegan while tasting just like the Italian, ranch and Caesar dressings you know and love, with some unique and innovative flavors thrown into the lineup for good measure.

plant perfect vegan salad dressing

(via Plant Perfect)



Here at Sweety High, we’re all about mood-boosting adaptogens, and we love the way they’re used in TranQuini’s canned drinks. Coming in tasty Sparkling Ginger Lemongrass, Sparkling Hibiscus and Sparkling Mixed Berries flavors, with absolutely zero sugar, they encourage wellness by including green tea for clarity and focus, lemon balm for destressing and relaxation and chamomile to soothe the body and mind. While we will say they taste a tiny bit medicinal, we actually like that in a wellness drink. It kind of tricks our brains into thinking it’s working faster!

tranquini drink cans

(via TranQuini)


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If you sometimes struggle to drink enough water during the day—especially because you find the flavor boring—waterdrop is the solution you’ve been looking for. Just one small cube can add great natural flavor to 15 to 20 fl oz of water while infusing it with the vitamins and nutrients you need to thrive. Each cube contains only five calories and dissolves quickly to turn water into a delicious, effective drink you’ll actually want to sip all day long. We also recommend investing in one of their starter sets, which includes a variety of water drop flavors, so you can discover your favorites while enjoying their ridiculously adorable water bottle and sleeve designs.

waterdrop starter set glass

(via waterdrop)


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Pamela Wasabi Bakery

Pamela Wasabi is a bakery based out of Miami, Florida specializing in vegan and gluten-free desserts and treats that don’t taste vegan or gluten-free. We had the pleasure of trying a grab bag of her delicious cookies, which are thin, crisp and baked with the most delicious and innovative flavor. From the slightly salted Celestial Chunk Cookie to the chocolate-and-cherry Divine Chocolate, gingerbread-like Majestic Chai, floral Lavender Heaven and earthy Queen of Matcha, every last cookie is a flavor dream come true.

pamela wasabi bakery cookies

(via Pamela Wasabi Bakery)


Haig’s Delicacies

Lots of brands do Meditternean dips and spreads, but very few manage to capture the bold flavor and authenticity that Haig’s Delicacies do with their offerings. Their hummuses have the perfect balance of earthiness and rich flavor, their baba ghannouge is smokey and irresistible and their tzatziki is the only tzatziki we’ve ever tried that we loved as a dip, rather than just a condiment for pitas and kebabs. We recommend starting with their “mini mezés,” with both a dip and crackers in one container, to dive into the Haig’s experience. Just be sure to load up on your favorite chips, crackers, veggies and other snacks for dipping, because you’ll get through them fast when you’ve got a tub of Haig’s around.

haigs delicacies dips and spreads

(via Haig’s Delicacies )


Snow Days

Snow Days is a brand that does pizza bites differently, with only the best ingredients wrapped up in a crispy, buttery grain-free crust, and their new Tex-Mex Chicken Taco Bites have just made us obsessed with them all over again. They’re made with cheese, chicken, peppers and onions in a scrumptious fajita sauce to offer unbeatable flavors in minutes. The only thing missing is the sizzling plate.

snow days taco bits

(via Snow Days)


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Pop Art Snacks

Pop Art Snacks is all about a bold approach to classic snacks, and we definitely enjoy their tasty popcorn, coming in Sweet & Salty, Cheddar Jalapeño, Dill Pickle Vegan Ranch and more, their star-shaped Pop Stars 3D potato bites have to be our faves. They’re like a potato chip, but with even better crunch and texture, with great flavors including Barbecue and White Cheddar, on top of the classic Sea Salt.

pop art snacks

(via Pop Art Snacks)



If you consider yourself a carnivore, you have to know about MeatCrafters and their incredible gift boxes. They have a little bit of everything, from fancy delicious meats perfect for your charcuterie board to favorites for the grill, such as burgers and Italian sausages, as well as smokey bacon and so, so much more, of the highest quality and with the very best flavors you can imagine. Just prepare to be a bit spoiled, because once you try MeatCrafters, the stuff you can find at the supermarket just won’t compare.


(via MeatCrafters)



We’ve tried all kinds of plant-based ice creams in the past, but none of them were quite like Wildgood, and that’s because they utilize a very special ingredient—olive oil. It may sound strange, but somehow, their unique formula gives their incredible ice creams all of the rich, creamy goodness of dairy ice cream, but without any animal products. That makes each flavor, from Mango to Coffee and Pistacho, Caramelized Fig and more, packed with antioxidants while tasting great, and on those rare occasions you can taste a hint of bitterness from the oil, we think it actually works in favor of the ice cream to make for an unforgettable flavor.

Wildgood Ice cream

(via Wildgood)



While New Orleans-based Zapp’s is best known for their richly flavored kettle chips, they’ve just introduced Pretzel Stix to their lineup, and we haven’t been able to stop snacking on them. Both varieties have just the right amount of crunch, with the Jazzy Honey Mustard flavor combining bold savouriness with honeyed sweetness to make them totally irresistible, and the Voodoo flavor layered with tangy, spicy seasoning to keep you coming back for more.

Zapp's pretzels honey mustard and voodoo

(via Zapp’s)


Almost Tea

If you love the idea of a relaxing cup of tea, but don’t really enjoy the traditional tea flavors, Almost Tea is about to change your life. Rather than actually tasting like tea, they’re flavored to taste like classic desserts, from Cinnamon Toast Munch to Chai Caramel Latte, Double Chocolate Chunk and more. They’re especially delicious with cream and sugar, but even without, they offer everything you’d want out of a dessert in the form of a hot, sippable tea.

Almost tea bags

(via Almost Tea)


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Mi Rancho

Sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than delicious chips and salsa, and Mi Rancho offers organic versions of both with some of the best flavors we’ve had. The tortilla chips are wholesome and crunchy, available in both thin and original, and pair beautifully with their perfectly spiced salsas. They also have both corn and flour tortillas for when you’re in the mood for tacos, burritos and more, making them a one-stop-shop for your Mexican favorites.

Mi Rancho Tortillas and Salsa

(via Mi Rancho)


Healthy Hippo

Feel like you’ve had way too much sugar and junk in the wake of Halloween? If you’re looking for something sweet but made with better-for-you ingredients, Healthy Hippo has some absolutely delicious options for you. Their high-fiber candies are made with all-natural ingredients and sweetened with monk fruit, making them low in sugar without sacrificing taste. They have sweet gummies and Swedish hippos, plus sour gummies, sour keys and fizzy cola bottles with an awesome texture—and did we mention they’re also carbon-neutral certified?

Healthy Hippo sour keys

(via Healthy Hippo)



Did you know that seeds only require a tiny fraction of the water that’s needed to grow tree nuts? That’s precisely why they’re the key ingredient in SeedWise’s tasty offerings, with sweet and yummy Super Seed Crunch Keto Clusters as well as fruity granolas that are naturally keto-friendly, low-sugar, high-fiber, grain-free and gluten-free. They make the perfect snacks any time of day while also being ultra nutritious, whether you use them to top cereal, yogurt or ice cream, or eat them straight out of the bag.

SeedWise keto clusters

(via Seedwise)



Nunbelievable is about so much more than just the cookies—but we’ll start with the cookies because they’re so good. Their artisanal cookies are thick, soft and packed with flavor, coming in Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter flavors, while their low-carb cookie packs are just as tempting, with no grains, gluten or added sugar. Even better, though, is the fact that for every cookie pack sold, Nunbelievable donates one meal to a partner soup kitchen around the U.S. To date, they’ve donated more than a million meals, and as long as we keep adoring their cookies, they’re not stopping anytime soon.


(via Nunbelievable)


Four Sigmatic

We love innovative takes on adaptogenic eats, and Four Sigmatic has one of our favorite approaches yet with instant coffee and cacao drink mixes infused with mind- and body-boosting ingredients. Their instant coffee tastes great, without that icky, bitter taste you might expect, and infused with chaga mushroom to boost immunity, lion’s mane for mental support and rhodiola, which is tied to productivity and creativity. Meanwhile, their tasty cacao mix is just the thing for mixing up a relaxing cup of hot chocolate, with stress-busting reishi mushroom plus cinnamon, cardamom, coconut palm sugar and stevia for a great taste.

Four Sigmatic adaptogen coffee mix

(via Four Sigmatic)



We’ve never met a Banza product we didn’t love. Their chickpea pastas are delicious, and their pizzas with chickpea crusts are even better than your average frozen pizza, so of course their new microwavable mac and cheese cups are also totally scrumptious. Just open and remove the cheese packet, add cold water to the line and microwave for two minutes before mixing in the gooey, sharp cheddar cheese powder mix for easy, tasty mac and cheese powered by chickpeas.

banza microwavable mac and cheese

(via Banza)


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Kevin’s Natural Foods

Kevin’s Natural Foods makes it easier than ever to whip up tasty, tenderly meaty meals in no time flat, whether you prefer to cook up your own proteins and add vibrant, pre-made sauces, or only have the time to heat and eat. Their pre-cooked meals include everything from Thai-Style Coconut Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala to Korean BBQ-Style Beef and more, with their delicious sous-vide-cooked meats heating up in just minutes in the microwave or in a skillet, and with each of their sauces being mouthwateringly versatile. All of the meals and sauces in the Kevin’s lineup are also paleo and veto-certified, with absolutely no refined sugar, and no gluten or soy. We prefer most of these meals over white rice, but they’re just as good on their own.

Kevins Natural Foods

(via Kevin’s Natural Foods)



buchi is a woman-owned brand dedicated to making tasty, nutrient-dense drinks, and while we’re definitely curious about their adaptogenic Living Energy drinks and probiotic Kefir Soda, we’ve only tried their kombucha, and we have to say it’s delicious. Their Holiday flavor is made with notes of cinnamon, vanilla and clove, and joined with apple cider vinegar to create something reminiscent of a rich, raisiny Christmas bun. It’s also full of probiotics for gut heath, with digestive enzymes and detoxifying acids to soothe the body and reduce inflammation. Their small cans are well-worth sipping, and will keep you coming back for more.

Buchi holiday kombucha

(via buchi)



When you don’t have a lot of time, it can be difficult to get in a decent breakfast, but Kanira’s mini breakfast biscuits are made specifically to nourish the body while tasting amazing with the help of classic South Asian flavors. They come in Chai Spice, Coconut & Cardamom and Turmeric & Ginger varieties, all of which are exquisite, with a dense, slightly hard texture that fills you up and satisfies with ancient whole grain flours. We suggest dipping them in coffee for a lusciously soft, dessert-like treat.

Kanira breakfast biscuits three pack

(via Kanira)



Looking for a pure, clean way to start off your days or break for a bit of energy on the go? SIMPLE Bars are, as the name implies, seriously simple, combining ingredients including nuts, seeds, fruits and chocolate to bring tasty, nutrient-rich bars with absolutely no cane sugar or artificial sweeteners—and because they’re sweetened with allulose, they’re still as sweet and satisfying as the competition, if not better.

simple bars

(via SIMPLE Bars)


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