All the Best Foods and Drinks We Tried in September 2022

Now that we're fully in the throes of fall, it's time to change up the way we snack.

Autumn is the season of transition, which means embracing bold new flavors, great spices and innovative new treats, as well as stepping out of our own comfort zones to expand our horizons. We've been trying all kinds of new meals, snacks, drinks and more all season long, so to discover all of our favorites from September, just keep scrolling.


When it comes to canned lattes, we've tried them all, but no other brand is quite like Taika. Their plant-based drinks contain zero added sugar and balance caffeine with adaptogenic mushrooms to clear your mind and help you focus, without any jitters. While their Oat Milk Latte and Black Coffee are delicious, we have to say our favorites are their drinks utilizing macadamia milk. The Macadamia Latte, Mocha Latte and Matcha Latte all fit into this category and they are so delicious, as they're pumped with macadamia nut creamer, minus the artificial flavor. Not only do they make us feel great, but the flavor truly is something to write home about.

Taika Latte Sampler

(via Taika)


12 Tides

Did you know that you can eat kelp? Not only is kelp the ideal ocean crop, requiring zero input and helping to absorb carbon from the ocean while supporting ocean life, but it's packed with vitamins and minerals while also making for a tasty snack. 12 Tides puffed chips crackers have an amazing crunch that pairs well with their tasty flavors like Sea Salt, Everything and the spicy Chili Pepper. Plus, the brand supports coastal communities and ocean restoration projects worldwide.

12 Tides Kelp Chips

(via 12 Tides)



Whether you have a sensitive tummy or a sensitivity to caffeine, Velty was made for you. This uncaf instant coffee is made with ingredients that are good for your gut as well as your mind, using ethically sourced coffee that's roasted before being brewed and freeze-dried to give you a delicious cup in its purest form. The powder is super-fine, so you can mix it into a hot or cold drink, and has prebiotic inulin, high-fiber and antioxidant mesquite powder and adaptogenic lion's mane and reishi for calm and balance. Of course, the best thing, in our opinion, is the smooth flavor, which can be adjusted to your liking with your fave sweeteners and milks.

velty unicaffeinated instant coffee

(via Velty)


Outstanding Foods

Who doesn't love cheese balls? If you're on the lookout for a tasty option with great flavor and crunch, but without the dairy, we have to recommend Outstanding Foods and their amazing take on cheese balls and cheese puffs, as well as "pork" rinds. All of their plant-based products have incredible textures and flavors that put the classics to shame. Plus, they also contain 20 essential vitamins and minerals and loads of protein to keep you going throughout the day.

outstanding foods cheese balls

(via Outstanding Foods)



After trying Popadelics, we can't believe that mushroom chips aren't a staple snack around the world—they're that good. The chips are made with shiitake mushrooms, giving them an incredible crunch and fabulous texture, and their flavorings—Trippin' Truffle Parm, Twisted Thai Chili and Rad Rosemary + Salt—are made even better by the natural umami of the mushrooms. We also find that the organic mushroom cap shape makes them even more fun to pop.

Popadelics mushroom chips

(via Popadelics)


California Performance Co.

Looking to boost your workouts? California Performance Co. offers protein-packed real dairy whey powders, made from microflora with no animals used anywhere in the process. That means it has less of an environmental impact than traditional animal-based whey, while offering all of the same protein benefits. Just add a scoop to your water, smoothie, oatmeal or even pancakes about 30 minutes after your workout to help repair your tired muscles. We especially love the Chocolate Brownie flavor and the richness it adds to everything we add it to.

California Performance Co Chocolate Whey Protein

(via California Performance Co.)


For Wellness

For a seamless way to introduce some wellness into your morning coffee routine, be sure to check out For Wellness. Their The Good Stuff powder is specially formulated to add great taste to your coffee while also being packed with great benefits. MCT oil increases metabolism while Ceylon cinnamon acts as an anti-inflammatory, collagen promotes skin, bone, hair and muscle health, L-theanine supports focus and Himalayan pink salt aids hydration, and in our experience, this stuff works. Their Superfood Energy Bites also taste like little espresso brownies, with a moist texture, chocolatey goodness and ingredients specifically designed to reduce hunger and cravings.

For Wellness Good Stuff and Energy Bites

(via For Wellness)


Pickle Juice

Pickle Juice is just as weird as it sounds, and that's why we're obsessed with it. It's a blend of water, vinegar, salt and dill oil, with vitamins and minerals, that tastes just like classic pickle juice while offering 15 times the electrolytes of normal sports drinks, with zero sugar or caffeine. Sip it after a workout to stop muscle cramps in their tracks while providing yourself with amazing hydration, plus potassium, zinc and vitamins C and E. Once you get a taste of Pickle Juice, we can promise you'll be returning to it again and again.

Pickle Juice bottles

(via Pickle Juice)


La Terra Fina

If you're looking for delicious dips and spreads, La Terra Fina has you covered from all angles. Whether you're looking for something cheesy and spicy, like a Chili Con Queso dip or Sriracha Three Cheese Spread, or something creamy and savory such as an Artichoke & Jalapeño Dip, an Everything But the Bagel spread or a Spinach, Artichoke & Parmesan dip, the brand perfectly balances incredible flavor with the perfect texture, with a ridiculously fresh taste. We're also currently addicted to their Pumpkin Spice dessert dip, which tastes like super-smooth pumpkin cheesecake and is the perfect pairing with sour apple slices for a cider-inspired fall treat.

La Terra Fina artichoke dip and pumpkin spice dip

(La Terra Fina)


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There are few things we love more than delicious charcuterie, but sometimes, individually gathering all of the tasty trimmings can be a pain—and who has time to research the best brands and the science of complementary flavors? Platterful takes all of the guesswork out of the process with their charcuterie kits, which you can order one time or in a month-to-month subscription. Large kits include three cheeses, two meats, one to two cracker packs, two to three spreadables, plus other accompaniments such as olives, nuts, chocolates and more to really step up your board game. We quickly gobbled up our tasty charcuterie boards, instantly falling in love with items including Wilder Sweet & Hot Mustard, Columbus Peppered Salame and Olives, inspiring us to really dive into our love for the treat this fall.

Platterful charcuterie board

(via Platterful)


Nirvana Water

Nirvana Water isn't like any other water we've sipped, and that's because Adirondack spring water is packed with HMB (β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate), a natural substance that supports muscle health. HMB slows muscle degradation, boosts performance and increases your gains from exercise, so once you get past the slight baking soda taste of Nirvana Water's Muscle Wellness water, you'll find that it's ultra-refreshing and does so much more for you than standard water. We're also loving their tasty orange-flavored Aging Wellness water, which delivers HMB as well as vitamin D for even more great benefits in an even more delicious form.

Nirvana Water

(via Nirvana Water)



Luxury candy brand Sugarfina never misses when it comes to holidays, and their adorable new Crystal Ball Bento Box for the Halloween season might be their tastiest collection of candies yet. We're obsessed with the crystal ball packaging, complete with a turning wheel with spooky imagery and "Yes" and "No" options for your own fortune-telling needs, but the sweets inside are even better. The Apple Frogs are sweetened just right, with tangy apple gummy atop vanilla apple foam for the perfect flavor combo, while the Sugar Skulls are tart raspberry with sour sugar crystals to get your mouth puckering. Lastly, the Spooky Sparkle Pops are all too easy to munch, like chocolate-coated pretzel balls for a great combination of sweet and salty, plus popping candy for extra fun.

Sugarfina Crystal Ball Bento Box

(via Sugarfina)



DRY specializes in specialty sparkling beverages advanced enough for adult palates but made for everyone, and we haven't seen their bold and unique flavor combinations anywhere else. If you're looking for a unique drink to celebrate a special occasion with a toast, we can't recommend their Botanical Bubbly Reserve beverages enough. Thanks to their botanical infusions, the flavors in these Lavender 75 and Spiced Pear beverages are layered and complex, and you have to try them to believe them.

dry botanical bubbly reserve

(via DRY)


Essential Elements

We love adding a little extra something to our water in the form of hydration powders, but this option from Essential Elements is the first we've tried featuring apple cider vinegar, and we're instant fans. ACV is said to have all kinds of benefits, from aiding gut health to controlling blood sugar levels, and with tasty Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Watermelon-Cucumber and Yuzu-Lime Flavors, each variety uses the hint of vinegary tang in the flavor to its benefit, making for an extra-refreshing drink.

Essential Elements hydration sticks

(via Essential Elements)


Tattooed Chef

Tattooed Chef is all about making the tastiest plant-based and vegetarian frozen meals around, packing extra veggies as well as protein in tasty meals to make them really work for you. Their Plant-Based 2 Cheese Pizza had some of the best plant-based cheese we've ever had on a pizza, paired with a crispy and delicious cauliflower crust, while their Enchilada Bowl took all of the tasty elements of an enchilada and served it over riced cauliflower for a savory, wholesome meal. We'll have to admit we were slightly disappointed when we realized their Cauliflower Mac & Cheese Bowl actually substituted cauliflower florets for the macaroni, but that went away the minute we took a bite and realized just how gooey and tempting the cheese was, especially coated with crispy bread crumbs. There wasn't anything on the menu we didn't love, and we definitely plan to try more from the brand to see how much more they can wow us.

Tattooed Chef Mac n Cheese and Pizza

(via Tattooed Chef)


Willamette Valley Pie Co.

We can never resist a slice of delicious pie, and Willamette Valley Pie Co.'s offerings are some of the very best, made with farm-fresh fruit, a flakey butter crust and a preservative- and junk-free ingredients list that looks like what you'd put in a pie if you were baking it in your own kitchen. We've tried their Dutch Caramel Apple Pie and Oregon Berry Pie and both tasted like the most scrumptious home-made pies. Just be warned that you probably won't be able to resist grabbing a second slice.

Willamette Valley pie Co pies

(via Willamette Valley Pie Co.)


Mary's Gone Crackers

The tasty crackers and cookies in your local grocery store aisle don't always have the best ingredients. The solution? Mary's Gone Crackers. The brand (which also makes Mary's Gone Kookies, Mary's Gone Cheezee and more), puts an emphasis on good-for-you ingredients, creating organic, plant-based products with mouth-watering flavors and just the right amount of bite. They're passionate about making good stuff that you'll actually want to eat.

Marys Gone Crackers and Kookies

(via Mary's Gone Crackers)



While Electrolit was first developed as a drink to solve dehydration in kids, it's since grown far past that to become something that works as a sports drink, for hydration recovery when you're feeling unwell or just as a tasty drink to sip throughout the day. Electrolit Zero does all of that, but with absolutely no sugar—though you wouldn't know by sipping it. Their Fruit Punch Splash, Berry Blast and Lemon Breeze flavors are still delicious and refreshing, without any chemical or artificial taste, making them great for replenishing your body, without the unnecessary sugar.

Electrolit Zero Drinks

(via Electrolit)


WhatIF Foods

WhatIF Foods is trying to change the world, one unique food product at a time, with the regenerative crop BamNut at the center of everything. Their BamNut instant noodles are made with air-frying technology, making them healthier than traditional ramen, even before you take into account their unique ingredients, including pumpkin, charcoal and moringa. These noodles are strained (rather than left as a soup), and the included flavor packets pair perfectly with the natural taste of each type of noodles to make for a truly tasty meal with amazing texture. Somehow, this very same crop also makes up their delicious BamNut milk, available in Airy, Everyday and Barista varieties perfect for everything from your morning cereal to mixing up your favorite latte.

WhatIf foods BamMilk and Ramen

(via WhatIF Foods)


Gotham Greens

We first tried Gotham Greens' vegan pesto as part of a Banza pizza kit, and we've been obsessed ever since. Of course, after doing some digging and trying even more from the brand, they've become one of our favorites. Their pesto is creamy and packed with basil flavor in just the right ratio, both as a topping or as a sauce for pastas and more, and their salad dressings are vibrant and bursting with flavor to make your favorite veggies way more fun to enjoy. Gotham Greens' innovative urban farming system also uses less water and land than traditional farms, making it great for the earth—something else we can really get behind.

Gotham Greens vegan pesto and green goddess dressing

(via Gotham Greens)



When it comes to plant-based milks and creamers, we'll opt for the oat version almost every time—and it just so happens that Elmhurst makes our favorite oat creamer on the market. The original flavor is perfect for adding that luscious creaminess to your favorite cup of coffee, but to really take it to the next level, we love their flavored creamers. With flavors including Caramel Macchiato, Chai and Pumpkin Spice, they rival the leading grocery store brand in variety, but without any of the junk ingredients you don't want in your morning cup.

Elmhurst 1925 Oat Milk creamer

(via Elmhurst)


Disco Sauce

Some hot sauces are all about the burn, but if you prefer ones that are actually packed with flavor, you've got to try Disco Sauce. It still brings peppery heat, but allows other elements to shine, with a flavor that's part citrusy, part tropical, and all delicious, without entirely setting your tastebuds on fire. It's just the thing to add a bit of zing to a meal.

Disco Sauce hot sauce

(via Disco Sauce)



We first fell in love with Perfy sodas a few months back after trying their fruity varieties, sweetened with real fruit juice at only 20 calories per can, and with L-Theanine as well as ashwagandha for reducing stress and enhancing rest. Now that we've tried their latest release, Dr. Perfy, we're fully obsessed. The new drink has all of the benefits of Perfy, but tastes just like a Dr. Pepper thanks to ingredients including tamarind puree and juice from pear, blueberry and blackberry. It's incredibly delicious and caffeine-free—and now we know what's probably in a Dr. Pepper. That's pretty magical, if you ask us.

Dr Perfy soda can

(via Perfy)



While low-carb bread may not sound the tastiest on paper, the folks at Carbonaut manage to bake bread that tastes (and feels) exactly as delicious bread should. Their lineup includes sliced breads, hot dog and hamburger buns and more, with high fiber content and low net carbs, and without sacrificing taste. We especially love their seeded bread as part of a crispy grilled cheese sandwich, as the texture is phenomenal.

Carbonaut Bread and Buns

(via Carbonaut)



If you're looking for a hot, tasty meal in a hurry, you can't go wrong with kencko. Their innovative, plant-based meals come in packs of 14, complete with a special measuring bowl and spork. Just add boiling water to the line that matches your meal of choice, mix in the contents of one of the packages and stir well before closing for the required cook time. We've enjoyed the brand's pastas, soups, chilis, lentil dishes and more, each boasting great flavors and good-for-you ingredients. We're definitely bringing some kencko bowls on our next camping trip.

kencko bowls

(via kencko)



After being introduced to west~bourne's delicious baking mixes, it's going to be hard to go back to anything else. We've tried their mixes for pie crust, waffles/pancakes and muffins, with vegan, gluten-free formulas that don't make us miss a thing about the traditional recipes. Prepare yourself for wholesome waffles, fluffy muffins and perfectly textured pie crusts that are ridiculously easy to mix up and bake. We've also been using the brand's avocado oil (both refined and extra virgin), which pairs perfectly with the pie crust mix or with your favorite ingredients as a vinaigrette or dip. Plus, the mixes come in plant-based, compostable bags, so you can place orders and indulge a bit, without any guilt.

west~bourne baking set

(via west~bourne)



SmartSweets has always been our go-to brand for delicious candies without all of the excess sugar, and they've really outdone themselves with their new caramels. These plant-based sweets are made with coconut cream, so they have creamy, decadent flavors, even without dairy, and somehow have only one gram of sugar per bag. In the case you're not into caramel, they also have awesome lollipops and delicious gummies in both sweet and sour varieties to soothe any kind of sweet tooth. We know what we'll be snacking on this Halloween.

SmartSweets batch of halloween candy

(via SmartSweets)


Boba Bam

When it comes to making boba milk teas at home, Boba Bam is our all-time favorite brand, with frozen packets complete with chewy boba and great flavors that you simply microwave before adding ice and milk. The Brown Sugar flavor has always had our hearts, but with the release of new Black Tea, Coffee and Matcha varieties this month, we're even more obsessed for those times we want to mix things up. We can already tell the Coffee version is going to be a best-seller.

Boba Bam Instant Boba Drink packs

(via Boba Bam)


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