If You Have a Peloton, You NEED These Products From Top Form Design

I purchased my Peloton in April of 2020—just before the initial lockdown.

Since I had no idea what was in store with our world and COVID at the time, I wasn't expecting how much I would come to rely on the stationary bike. Since then, I've become a member of the Century Club (took 100 cycling classes) and have truly stepped up my fitness game.

However, my model isn't the newest and is missing a few key features I would love to have. So, when the team from Top Form Design reached out to me and asked if I'd like to try some accessories compatible with my Peloton, I jumped at the chance. Keep reading for my full review of The Tray Universal and The Pivot.

The Products

The Tray Universal: $109.99

If you have the Peloton or any other sort of stationary bike, The Tray Universal is something I would seriously consider investing in. During the day I'm busy with work and at night I try to get a quick workout in before making dinner. It's safe to say I feel super rushed by the time I clock out.

So, why not work out while working? All you have to do is attach the clamps and swivel arms to the bike's handlebars—it'very easy. Instead of taking a class with an instructor, just do a free ride so you can really focus on your work. I placed my laptop on the tray, buckled into my shoes and got to work.

top form design the tray universal

(via Top Form Design)

It took some getting used to, but after a while, it was easy to manage. I rode at a leisurely pace and hit a goal of three miles. Not too bad for a day's work. You could even use the tray to read a book, watch Netflix on your computer, do homework, study—truly all sorts of things.


The Pivot: $69.99 (currently on sale for $59.99!)

When I initially purchased my Peloton, I was excited not only for the cycling classes but for all the other classes offered as well. From yoga to pilates to core and strength training to dance and more, Peloton truly does offer it all. However, the monitor attached to my model of bike doesn't swivel, so if I ever wanted to take a class off the bike, it was hard, if not impossible, to see the screen.

I'd have to frequently pop my head up to see if I was doing the right movements and would get easily frustrated. With all the money I'd spent you'd think it would swivel! All my wishes were granted with The Pivot, though, as it enabled me to finally move around my screen.

top form design the pivot

(via Top Form Design)

I've since gotten rid of the attachment that came with my Peloton and completely switched to this one. I can now do floor exercises with no hassle at all, and for that, I'm so thankful!

top form design the pivot

(via Top Form Design)


Bottom Line

Whether you have a Peloton or some other stationary bike, I couldn't recommend these products from Top Form Design enough. The price is super reasonable, the shipping is fast and the packaging keeps everything safe. What more could you want?


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