5 Trending Hobbies You May Be Missing Out On

We can always count on TikTok to keep us on top of the latest trends, and if there's one thing in particular that has recently taken the app by storm, it's creative hobbies.

We don't know about you, but our FYP's are jam-packed with various adorable and exciting pursuits. Here are a few you need to check out.

Cake Decorating

While most of our attempts at baking result in a puddle of sugar, butter and despair, the creative decorative cakes we've been seeing all over social media are hard to resist. If you aren't naturally gifted with the baking gene, start with a plain store-bought cake and get creative with embellishments, from frosting and sprinkles to edible beads, sugar toppers and more. Not only will this new hobby impress friends and family, but you can get them in on the fun, too.


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Throwing Themed Dinner Parties

We find the fairytale-like storybook kitchens and dining areas on our feeds absolutely mesmerizing, inspiring us to also get dressed up with all of our best friends for fabulous potluck dinner parties. After all, who doesn't love an excuse to get dolled up? Pick a fun theme for the best IG photos, and sprinkle in a bit of the previous hobby, cake decorating, to get dessert covered, too.

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Crocheting and Needlepoint

Remember when crocheting and needlepoint were something your grandmother did in her spare time? Even if those are still her favorite hobbies, the TikTok generation is in on it, too—and for good reason. The adorable creations are endless, making perfect gifts for any friends who love cute things, and the results you can get in a small amount of time will keep you inspired to create craft after craft.


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Detailed Journaling and Letter Writing

Journaling and letter-writing are by no means new trends, but today, they're as popular as ever. Whether you're journaling with the help of existing prompts or using the opportunity for free writing, utilizing some beautiful and creative stationery will take your aesthetic to the next level. And if you've been meaning to show someone you really care, there are few things more special than receiving a hand-written letter, mailed in a colorful envelope and sealed with a personalized wax stamp.

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Rug Tufting

Yes—people really are creating their own rugs as a hobby all over TikTok, and the results are truly unbelievable. While you will need a number of (sometimes pricey) supplies to get started on this journey, you'll be hooked once you see what you'll be able to create with them. With the number of instructional videos all over Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more, there's also a ton of help out there to make the process seamless at every stage. Stick with it to make the cutest little area rugs—and if it winds up being an epic fail, don't worry (we won't tell).

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