Twitter Accounts to Follow for Skincare Advice You Can Trust

Skincare has soared in popularity recently, and for a good reason—everyone can benefit from taking care of their skin.

We need to have a routine that works to address our own skincare goals, such as preventing sun damage, clearing pores, correcting hyperpigmentation or maintaining skin health.

As with any new trend, it's hard to decide which advice is best for you when millions of people suggest different products and routines. The skincare hashtag has 202.2 billion views on TikTok and over 63 million posts on Instagram. There are 18-step routines with cleaners, moisturizers, serums, exfoliators, toners and more. Skincare influencers offer sound advice but aren't licensed to do so, and may give advice that harms more than helps.

But qualified estheticians and dermatologists have established themselves as knowledgeable sources on social media. You can find threads of skincare advice, brand recommendations and most-asked questions on their Twitter accounts. These skincare experts will have your skin glowing in no time.

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Lily Njoroge (@caveofbeauty)

Lily Njoroge is a licensed esthetician who has been featured in Vogue, The Washington Post and Nylon Magazine. Lily is the owner of Skin Wins, a spa in Brooklyn. She has gained 98k followers on Twitter for her honest and educational skincare advice. Lily offers advice for people with various skincare problems while specializing in skin inflammation. Lily wants to provide quality accessible skincare advice to help everyone reach their skincare goals. She is known for creating detailed skincare threads on issues like eczema and repairing the skin barrier, and posts easy tips to incorporate into your skincare routine, like washing your face in cold water, not washing your face before you shower and not waiting for your products to dry before applying the next one. You can head over to her blog to read constructive posts like "Guide To An Effective Skin Care Routine" and "Taking Care of Your Skin When You're Sick."


Tiara Willis (@MakeupForWOC)

Tiara Willis is a New York licensed esthetician, and one of the most popular estheticians on the app with 261.5k followers. Tiara not only offers helpful skincare advice and product recommendations but she also answers common skincare questions and calls out dangerous skincare practices and products. Spoiler alert: don't use witch hazel! Tiara has posted about almost every skincare concern. To quickly find the skincare topic or tip you want to see, Tiara suggests that you search that specific skincare issue or product in the Twitter search bar with her name. For example, if you search "from: MakeupForWOC blackheads," Twitter will you show you all of her tweets recommending treatments and products to treat blackheads. Tiara will get your skin in shape and keep you away from dangerous skincare trends that will damage your skin.


Nayamka Roberts-Smith (@LABeautyologist)

Nayamka Roberts-Smith is a licensed esthetician with 188.1k followers on Twitter. She is based in Los Angeles and owns Golden Rx Skin Studio. Nayamka is known as the creator of the famous "60 second rule," which advises you to wash your face for 60 seconds to allow the product to work into your skin. The #60SecondRule hashtag on Twitter shows you hundreds of people who swear this tip has changed their skin for the better. Nayamka offers free skincare advice on her Twitter, such as a downloadable infographic of "20 Skincare Dos and Don'ts of 2020." Nayamka is educational and personable, connecting with her followers on Twitter and genuinely trying to help everyone get their best skin. She also gives personalized skincare advice with virtual consultations.


Angelo Landriscina, MD (@dermangelo)

Angelo Landriscina is a dermatologist who is equally knowledgeable and hilarious. Dr. Landriscina  is unique because he is a part of the LGBTQ+ community and speaks to the importance of the psychology of acne within the community,  as well as how to improve care. As a skincare doctor and award-winning scientific researcher, Dr. Landriscina gives advice you know you can trust. He creates easy-to-understand infographics that tackle various skin issues from rosacea to dark circles under your eyes. Dr. Landriscina breaks down broader topics on his blogs like "Acne Myths and Facts." He's also a medical writer, so his articles and blog posts are exceptionally well-researched and written. If you want to see Dr. Landriscina's fun side while still learning about skincare, you can also watch his skincare videos on TikTok.


Sean Garrette (@sgarretteskin)

Sean Garrette is a New York-based licensed esthetician and the founder of Sean Garrette Skin. Not only does he have 60.4k followers, but he is also a Fenty Skin Global Ambassador. Sean recently mentioned in a Paper Mag article that he's not only an esthetician but also a skincare therapist. Most of the clients he sees are Black women, so he helps work through the racial trauma and insecurities they've faced. On his Twitter, Sean recommends products and explains the science behind each one, posting informative skincare threads that are targeted to both men and women. For everyone that wants personalized skincare advice, you can book a virtual consultation with him. Rhianna trusts Sean. so you should too!


Hannah English (@hannahEEnglish)

Hannah English is the sunscreen queen from Australia who will save your skin from sun damage. As a pharmaceutical scientist, Hannah knows how to protect and repair your skin from UV damage. Most people don't understand the importance of sunscreen and why we need to wear it in order to prevent aging and melanoma. Hannah advises on how to incorporate SPF into your beauty routine easily. She tells you which sunscreen brand to use, what SPF it should be, how much you should apply, and how often you should apply it. Hannah has a great thread on Twitter on how to repair a damaged skin barrier. She also has a page on her website where she lists her favorite products for every step of your skincare routine.


Alicia Lartey (@_alicialartey)

UK-based skincare influencer Alicia Lartey is a biomed undergrad and an esthetician in training. Growing up, Alicia struggled to find the right skincare products, and learned a lot about skincare through her journey of trying different brands and treatments. Alicia now has beautiful glowing skin and she wants to help other people achieve the same by providing free information and offering virtual skincare consultations. Alicia is known for her in-depth skincare infographics, which take deep dives into topics like hyperpigmentation and retinoids. Her Twitter is also full of product recommendations and great tips on caring for your face and body. Alicia's thread on hyperpigmentation is very informative, and she was recently featured in Vice discussing how medical racism affects skincare.


HERE are some important skincare terms that will help you understand skincare information from the experts.