The Radio Disney Music Awards are just one month away! Have you cast your votes over at Radio Disney yet? It’s critical that you do, so all your faves can win an Ardy. We know it’s so tough to decide who to vote for though, which is why we’re here again to help you make those difficult choices. Tori Kelly, Rachel Platten, Charlie Puth and Alessia Cara are all nominated for “The Buzz” — Breakout Artist Of The Year and voting for just one of them is nearly impossible. We’ll go ahead and give you a few reasons why they each deserve your vote.

Logo for the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards featuring the Ardy award statue


Tori Kelly


1. No one comes close to matching Tori’s insane riffs. They’re just on this whole other level of magic that we didn’t know existed until we listened to her sing.

2. Her single “Hollow” is the perfect song to jam out to whenever you possibly can. Any excuse to listen to it far too many times is a good excuse.


Rachel Platten



1. Rachel has, and always will be, our number one obsession in this world. She’s both incredibly talented and brave and just all around rad!

2. And obviously we can’t not mention “Fight Song,” since it basically reminds us every single day that we should never give up on chasing our dreams. It’s ~the~ motivational anthem of motivational anthems.


Charlie Puth


1. He is a major bae and has an adorable smile! But we can’t forget how incredible his voice is. Seriously, is it even real?

2. We’d give anything for Charlie to serenade us with “One Call Away.” Imagine him just sitting at his piano singing to you!


Alessia Cara


1. Alessia is the definition of cool and we’re always so inspired by her fearlessness in expressing just who she is to the world.

2. “Wild Things” is the ultimate jam to listen to with all of your besties. Forget Taylor Swift’s squad, we want to join Alessia’s squad!


Make sure to cast your ~official~ RDMA vote for Breakout Artist of the Year HERE. But we’d still like to know who you think will win, so tell us below.