A Ranking Of The Best Joe-Joe's Products at Trader Joe's

Technically, grocery shopping is a chore—something you do because you need to instead of want to. A trip to Trader Joe's, however, is never a task worth dreading, and products like Joe-Joe's are the reason why.

Trader Joe's answer to the Oreo is one of the store's staple products, and customers love the cookies so much that sometimes it seems like half the store is just comprised of different flavors and Joe-Joe's-related dessert offerings.

But hey, who's complaining?! Joe-Joe's are awesome, perfect for dunking in milk or layering into brownie batter. That doesn't mean all Joe-Joe's are created equal, however. With so many options to choose from, here's a definitive ranking of the best Joe-Joe's products you're likely to see on shelves, from "most meh" to "must have several boxes on hand at all times."

9. Joe-Joe's Light Ice Cream

Controversial opinion time: light ice cream should not exist. If you're looking for a lighter dessert, there are plenty of options at Trader Joe's (may we recommend their delicious fruit pops?) that don't involve zapping all the satisfaction out of ice cream.

joe joes light ice cream

(via Trader Joe's)


These desserts aren't as terrible as some unnamed light ice creams that taste more like frozen protein shakes than dessert, but they simply don't do the job.

8. Mango Joe-Joe's

Again, may we recommend the mango fruit pops that Trader Joe's has to offer? These seasonal items don't have that fresh mango taste, and kind of smell more like body cream than they do a cream-filled cookie.


(via Trader Joe's)

While they're not exactly offensive (they are Joe-Joe's cookies, after all) this is definitely one summer seasonal item you don'have to throw in your cart. Pick up some dried mango instead.


7. Original Flavor Joe-Joe's

Look, Joe-Joe's are delicious—that's why we're doing this whole ranking thing. However, just because something is the OG, doesn't mean it reigns supreme.

joe joes

(via Trader Joe's)

Simply put, Joe-Joe's are fantastic, but since creating their first cookie, the brand has really raised its game. And why settle if you don't have to, you know?


6. Neapolitan Joe-Joe's

We've never been big fans of the tri-flavored Neapolitan ice cream that our parents would bring home from the store. Each flavor was good individually, but the inevitable blending together of flavors sometimes damaged all three.

neapolitan joe joes

(via Trader Joe's)

Neapolitan Joe-Joe'do suffer a bit from that problem, but the strawberry cream filling is delicious, earning it a solid place on this list.


5. Pumpkin Joe-Joe's

You probably know by now that pumpkin-flavored anything doesn't actually taste like pumpkin, but the array of spices that go into pumpkin pie. Still, your mileage may vary on how delicious you find this fall item.

pumpkin flavored joe joe's

(via Trader Joe's)

As big pumpkin spice fans, we think these are some of the best cookies TJ's has to offer. However, even these tasty treats don't hold a candle to the top-billed items, and that's because of one thing: chocolate.


4. Chocolate-Covered Joe-Joe's

What's not to love about chocolate-covered anything, really. This item, which comes in a much fancier pack than your traditional cookies, looks pretty on a cookie platter and rivals pricier candy shop selections in quality.

chocolate covered joe joes

(via Trader Joe's)

The one flaw is that you can't exactly dip them in milk (the chocolate creates a barrier, sigh) but you really can't go wrong with these otherwise. They're perfect as a gift item, too.


2 & 3. Candy Cane Joe-Joe's & Candy Cane Joe-Joe's Ice Cream (Tied)

It's the most wonderful time of year whenever Trader Joe's unleashes its candy cane-flavored Joe-Joe's onto the world.


(via Trader Joe's)

For those who steer clear of mint chocolate chip everything, this peppermint is sweet, with not even a hint of toothpaste. The Joe-Joe's cream even has bits of candy cane in it, giving the cookies a lovely crunch that is sure to put you in the holiday mood.

The ice cream is also a winner, with a rich, creamy base, ribbons of candy cane and just enough crushed Joe-Joe's. Definitely grab these items ASAP, before they're all snatched up and go away after the holiday season.


1. Joe-Joe's Slims

Yes, these are basically just regular Joe-Joe's, just slimmer. Yet we promise you: These. Cookies. Slap. They're crunchy, like a crisp, but still pack tons of chocolate flavor. In fact, you may think that you like the cream part of Joe-Joe's the best, but after trying these cookies, you'll likely reevaluate that belief. Ideal with milk, Joe-Joe's Slims are a treat you'll want to keep in your cabinet all year long.

And really, isn't the best Joe-Joe's flavor the one you can have right now?


(via Trader Joe's)



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