The Most Brilliant Ways to Transition Your Summer Staples Into Fall

Changing seasons shouldn't mean a full closet overhaul. Transitioning your summer staples into fall is easier than you probably think.

Read on for our best tips!

Layer Under Your Denim Cut-Offs

denim cut offs

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During the hot months, denim cut-offs are our our best allies. Nevertheless, we tend to retire them when the temperature starts to drop. Recycle them this season by layering under. Pick a thick legging or pantyhose and wear them with booties. Top it off with your favorite jacket or sweater and you've got yourself a full outfit.


Wear it Over a Button-Down

white button down

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Sundresses are one of the first items we retire when summer ends. A great tip to continue using those items in your closet is layering them over a crisp white button-down. The collar makes for a great fashion accent when it peeks over a dress.


Skip the Sandal for a Bootie

black bootie

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Substituting a sandal for a bootie is a quick hack to make any summer staple more fall friendly. If you need extra warmth, you can pair it with thick socks. Don't be afraid of the peek over the bootie—0wn the look by opting for a fun pair with great designs.


When in Doubt, Always Add a Layer

Panty Hose

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When debating on whether you should wear your favorite summer dress or skirt for fall, a good rule of thumb is to always layer. Adding a fun or printed pantyhose can create warmth and also completely make a look. Opt for black if you are on the conservative side and go crazy with a glittered pair (a la Rihanna) if you are more adventurous.


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