Upcycle Your Halloween Candy Wrappers: A Sweety High DIY!

Halloween has come and gone, but if you went trick-or-treating Friday night, you likely are left with bags and bags of candy, as well as tons of candy wrappers! As you continue to dive into your Halloween candy, don't ditch those wrappers!trash or treat do something upcycle

Instead of throwing them away to end up in a landfill somewhere, consider joining DoSomething.org's Trash or Treat campaign and think of creative ways to reuse them. Below are some ideas for things that you can make. 

Origamistarburst wrapper origami butterfly upcycle

Wrappers from certain candies, such as Starbursts, make great origami paper. Collect wrappers and fold origami with friends! (Source)

Wallet or Coin Purseskittles wrapper pouch upcycle

Test your needlework skills by sewing together larger candy wrappers, such as full-size Skittles bags, to make a coin purse or wallet. Add a brightly colored zipper for a fun touch! Click here for handy step-by-step instructions!

Headbandstarburst wrapper headband upcycle

Fold your Halloween candy wrappers from Starbursts or other sweets to make a headband. You can also upcycle an existing headband by attaching candy wrappers for an entirely new look! (Source)

Jewelry starburst wrapper bracelet upcycle

Wrappers Starbursts and other candies can also be crafted into a pair of earrings, a necklace, hair bows and much more. The possibilities are endless as long as you keep your options open! (Source)

Artcandy wrapper art upcycle

Use candy wrappers to make something decorative. Get creative and make an art piece for your room or to give to a friend or family member as a present. After all, the holiday season is quickly approaching! (Source)

Do you have any ideas for fun way to upcycle or reusing Halloween candy wrappers? Share your pictures with us at Sweety High and comment below with your ideas!