These Are the Packing Hacks Every Jet-Setting Girl Needs to Know

The travel bug got us.

All we want to do this summer is jet-set, adventure and explore! What we don't want to do is pack.

Because you can't go anywhere without a suitcase in tow, we're here to lessen the pain of your next packing fiasco with these 13 hacks that will ensure your bag is organized, full and fail-proof!

Packed suitcase and a pair of Converse shoes

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1.  In your carry-on bag, keep your phone charger, cords and earphones tucked away—and free of knots—in a sunglass case!

2. Slip any breakables (like your perfume bottle) into a pair of socks. It's the perfect amount of padding!

3. If you don't feel like bringing entire bottles of your cosmetics, store mini-sized portions of them in a contact case. Genius! ????

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4. If you want your clothing smelling like it just came out of the washer/dryer, stick a dryer sheet in your suitcase within your stack of clothing. When you unpack, your clothes will be smelling fresh and clean. ????

5. Before putting your shoes in your suitcase, stretch a shower cap over them. This will ensure that your dirty soles don't ruin your clothing. Lifesaving. 

6. If you're worried about your jewelry getting tangled up (the absolute worst), try placing your necklaces in between two sheets of Glad's Press'n Seal plastic wrap. Your jewelry won't move an inch!

7. To save space and prevent wrinkles, roll all of your clothes. Don't underestimate the power of the roll!

8. If you hate losing jewelry when traveling, use an old lip balm container to store your smaller pieces, and use a piece of fabric or lace to attach your earrings. Bless whoever came up with this.

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9. If you're traveling in poor weather, lay down a garbage bag in your suitcase before packing. If it rains, your suitcase may get wet, but your clothes won't! Score.

10. If you're worried about your liquid products spilling out and ruining everything in your suitcase, grab some plastic wrap! Cut up small squares, place them under the cap of each of your product bottles and then screw the cap back on! Ta-da! If your liquids spill, at least you've got an extra layer of protection.

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11. Carry cotton swabs in a old pill jar. So organized!

12. If you're checking your bag at the airport and are worried about your suitcase getting unzipped, simply use a paper clip as a lock! Just thread it through both zippers and you're good to go!

13. Tired of losing your hair accessories every time you travel? Store your Bobby Pins in an old Tic Tac box and your hair ties in an old mint container. Decorate the containers if you're feelin' really crafty!


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