This Was the Trendiest Hairstyle the Year You Were Born

Want to know the trendiest hairstyle the year you were born?

The '60s gave us the pixie cut. The '70s were all about wild layering. The '80s were nothing but volume and high hair, while the '90s were dominated by Jennifer Aniston and her iconic looks on Friends. Finally, the 2000s had a little bit of crimped hair, chunky highlights and much more. Here's a list of the trendiest hairstyles from 2002 through 2010.

2002: Crimped Hair

The mini zig-zag-styled hair was huge in the '80s, and the funky and iconic hairstyle made a comeback in the early 2000s. This style was distinguished by none other than singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera. Her unique fashion was paired with crimped hair throughout most of the early aughts.


2003: Colored Extensions

Colored extensions were all the rage in 2003. It was extra cool to match your hair to your outfits, and having a few different colored clip-ins available was perfect for changing it up each day. Any color worked as long as you had the confidence to rock it.


2004: Chunky Highlights

We can give a big thanks to Kelly Clarkson for popularizing chunky highlights, as she sang on American Idol back in the early 2000s, and they stayed popular for years. In fact, we're thinking these notice-me-streaks may just be ready to make a comeback.


2005: Extra Long

This extra look will never go out of style. Whether they were extensions or your natural hair, extra-long hair was so iconic in 2005. It's also trending right now, whether like it's a high pony like Ariana Grande's, or casually flowing down your back.

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2006: Beach Waves

Glam curls were absolutely giving texture in 2006. This wavy hairstyle still hasn't gone out of style. We love the way it's evolved each year to fit the current trends. Back in 2006, it became a hit thanks to the highly popular show, The OC. 


2007: Headbands

We have none other than Blair Waldorf to thank for the headband rage of 2007. If you aren't familiar with Blair, you need to add Gossip Girl to your must-watch list. She is the archetype for tying in headbands to any outfit, and we still love the look.


2008: Bangs

Bangs are for those who want to change their look completely, and back in 2008, they became the new "it" hairstyle. Everyone shortly followed the trend, and we soon saw celebrities from Selena Gomez to Kim Kardashian doing the blunt look.


2009: Barrel Curls

Taylor Swift pulled off her signature look back in 2008. These full-bodied ringlets were iconic and took the world by storm, achieved by thoroughly curling the hair, without a brush-through at the end. While curls are still huge, the look has evolved a much looser look lately.


2010: Ombré

This dark-to-light hair craze is still popularized today. In fact, we think it's just as iconic today as it was back in 2010. If you were born in 2010, make sure to let everyone know you still know that ombré is just as fashionable as it was back then.


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