The Top Trending Colors to Sport This Spring

If you're sick and tired of having to bundle yourself in scarves and throw a heavy coat on over every outfit, we have some good news for you—spring is just around the corner!

Along with being able to finally lighten up on the layers, spring means that we get to welcome some fresh new colors into our closets that we probably haven't seen in a few too many months. While you might still be feeling the chill in the air, you can start prepping your style for the warmer season to come by getting familiar with some of the top trending colors worth sporting this spring:

1. Lavender

Pastels for spring are about as cutting-edge as florals for spring (we see you, The Devil Wears Prada fans), but that doesn't make them any less worthy of a spot in your wardrobe when the flowers start blooming. Of all the pastel tones out there, icy lavender seems to be the one to wear in 2023.


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2. Metallics

We're entering a metallic mood in spring 2023, and we can't wait to start mixing materials and adding tons of shine in place of our scratchy oversized sweaters. Whether you're a golden girl or a lover of all things silver, there's a place for every metallic tone in 2023.


3. Bluish Gray

While it may be less bold than some of the other spring colors on this list, we don't adore this understated hue any less. It's subtle and easier on the eyes than harsh black, and its overall versatility will make it a staple both in spring and beyond.


4. Cobalt Blue

Staying in the cool-toned family but turning up the brightness by a notch (or five) is cobalt blue, which makes us feel like we're ready to hop on a plane to Santorini or some other oceanside escape. If it's a bit too bold for you to sport all spring, try it out first by swathing it on your nails for an electric addition to any outfit.


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5. Ballet Slipper Pink

Another color that's trending for both our fingertips and our wardrobes this spring is ballet pink, which is a delicate and feminine hue that pairs well with almost any basic piece you already own. Think of it as Barbie pink's mature older cousin.


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