4 Trending Items You Need in Your Closet This Summer

Summer is rolling in fast, and with it all the freedoms we enjoy during the season.

There's the freedom from waking up early for school, freedom from homework and, of course, freedom from having to wear layers in order to stay warm. Yes, it is once again almost time to trade our sleeves for straps and bulky boots for flimsy flip-flops. The season is creeping up on us fast this year, which means there's a good chance you may not have yet had the time to prepare your wardrobe for those warmer temps that are right around the corner. Worry not, though, as we've got your shopping list right here for the items your closet needs this summer:

1. Destroyed Denim

As much as we love our skinny jeans, it's time to shove them in the back of your closet to make way for a few more hot weather-friendly denim options until fall. Mini-styles and ultra-destroyed denim are super in right now, so try to pick up at least one good brunch-worthy skirt, a solid pair of high-waisted shorts (we're loving the frayed mom short styles right now) and even some mom or dad jeans with plenty of tears for those slightly chilly early summer evenings. Just remember that you'll probably still want to keep your options 4th-of-July-with-the-family-friendly.

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2. Halters That Are Here to Stay

Halter tops are one Y2K-adjacent style that we're happy to see come back around—but did they ever really leave? This style is super summer-friendly, perhaps partially thanks to its similarity to the bikini tops we love to sport all season long. They come in virtually every color, pattern, texture and even length imaginable—including hard-to-miss halter dresses—and there are two styles to know depending on how you want to flatter your body:

  • Traditional halter tops that leave your chest open and connect with straps that meet behind your neck to leave your back exposed
  • High-neck halter tops that leave your shoulder area totally exposed while adding more chest coverage (a good option if you have strong arms or a more "broad" shouldered frame that you want to show off)

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3. Platform Sandals

While they might not be best-suited for the sandy beaches we all hope to frequent during the summers, platform sandals—particularly ones in unique materials and textures like wood, macramé and brown leather—are perfect for the sunniest season of the year. For best results, pair with a brightly colored pedicure that really makes those sandals stand out.

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4. Sundress Season

Take this one down as less of a trend and more of a timeless classic that deserves a spot in your closet each and every summer. Not only are sundresses incredibly comfortable, but they also make it look like you put in effort when, in reality, you didn't even have to put on pants. What's not to love? From flirty mini-skirts to romantic mid-calf lengths, tight-fit solid color styles and everything in between, there's a sundress for every mood and every occasion.

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Now that we've covered a few of the basic staples you simply need in your closet this summer, are you ready to get shopping? Don't worry—you don't need to break the bank to get your hands on these looks and more. Check your nearest consignment store or thrift store before going online or to the closest mall. You might just be surprised what you'll find for a fraction of the price of other stores (and do some good for the planet while you're at it).


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