5 Trends We Should All Leave Behind in 2019

We took a time machine back to the '90s this past year.

2019 was all about animal print, mom jeans, biker shorts, statement sneakers and more. And don't even get us started on beauty. Truthfully, we liked a lot of the new trends this year, but some things are better left in the past. Trends come and go, so we're here to tell you which ones need to stay in this current decade. After all, we're about to enter the '20s, so it's about time we change things up.

Keep reading to find out the five trends we should all leave behind in 2019:


1. Chunky Sneakers

Yep, we're looking at you, Fila! Chunky dad sneakers are a classic staple for the influencers of today. Yes, they make them look pretty neat in pics, but when us normal people walk out in public, we look like fish out of water. It's so unflattering—we beg you to ditch yours for the new decade. Instead, opt for calf-grazing boots or a classic white tennis shoe.

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2. Blunt Bangs

Oh Selena Gomez, why'd you have to get blunt bangs? They're just not going to happen. TBH, the only person who can pull them off is our girl Anna Wintour, so let's leave it to the pro, ladies! It instantly ages you and makes you come across as harsh and domineering. We're not sure if that's because the style is solely for the devil in Prada, or something else. Hair stylist Kendall Dorsey whole-heartedly agrees and suggests curtain bangs, as an alternative.


3. Tiny Sunnies

The Kardashians are style icons, but some of their fashion choices are questionable at best. They loved showing off their tiny sunglasses this year, but they need to be left behind. Tiny sunnies had their moment in the spotlight, but that light has long since faded out. Instead, go for oval shaped glasses!

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4. Low-Rise Jeans

Ugh, low-rise jeans are the actual bane of our existence. They look good on one body type… just one! If you and Bella Hadid share a similar shape, congrats, we give you permission to rock this style. But, for the rest of us in the real world, low-rise jeans are not the look. We need to stick to high-rise denim at all costs!


5. VSCO Girl Fashion

Okay, we know we can't leave people behind in 2019, but we absolutely need to let VSCO fashion die in peace. From seashell accessories to Crocs, the items are truly cringe-worthy. Sorry, but even Emma Chamberlain has moved on from her VSCO girl days. So take note, ladies! Throw away any traces of the VSCO girl you once thought you could be.

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