These Affordable and Trendy Sunglasses Are Must-Buys for Summer 2021

If wearing cool sunglasses doesn't make you feel powerful, we don't know what will. 

Sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit—the icing on the cake. A flattering pair of shades is like a secret weapon that makes you instantly look more attractive than you already are. This is why we are planning on acquiring some cool shades to go with our outfits for our hot girl summer. Here, we have five options that are both trendy and affordable so you don't break the bank. Keep scrolling to see what we have for you. 

BUTABY Rectangle-frame Sunglasses $15.95

If you just want a pair of trendy yet not too out-there sunglasses that would practically go with everything you have—we got you. Rectangle-frame sunglasses are going to be your best friend. Simple black ones are well-loved by celebrities and influencers for a reason, as they complete your outfit and make a statement. These BUTABY pairs in particular are not only super affordable, but they also come in a pack of two so you can mix and match as you wish. 

brown and black rectangle sunglasses on a white background

(via Amazon)


The Fresh Minimalist Brown Sunglasses $12.59 

This season is all about the Y2K style we all love. The first step to achieving this style is wearing vintage-inspired brown glasses, such as this pair. Not only are they affordable, but these glasses also add so much character to your outfit and make you look like you just walked out of a fashion magazine. 

brown y2k sunglasses on a white background

(via Amazon)


Asos Aqua Recycled Frame Sunglasses $17.50

If you like to dress in neutral tones, we have bad news for you because this summer is all about incorporating colors into your outfits. Don't want to wear a bright pink top? Don't worry, because wearing colorful sunglasses is the easiest way to do add some colors to your outfit without going too far out of your comfort zone. We love the shade of blue in this pair—they absolutely scream summer and pool parties. 

blue sunglasses on a white background

(via Asos)


SA106 Pink Shield Warp Glasses $12.95

Shield sunglasses are definitely going back in style and we love them for a full 2000s moment. For a classic look, we would definitely opt for a brown or black pair. However, if you want to go all out, we recommend these pink ones which fully channel your inner Paris Hilton moment. 

pink y2k sunglasses on a white background

(via Amazon)


Vogue Eyewear Pink Sunglasses $55.50

To continue with our pink sunglasses obsession, we have this beautiful pair from Vogue. The pink rim gives a subtle pink detail to your outfit which goes surprisingly well with the blue lenses. They are very vintage-inspired and definitely worth the price (they're 50% off right now).

vintage pink vogue sunglasses on a white background

(via Vogue)


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