The Ultimate List of Top Trendy Shoes for Teens in 2022

When it comes to shoe shopping, a few key things should be top of your list in terms of what to look out for: comfort, fit and of course, style!

But what shoes are actually worth the money? If you need to go shopping for a new set of shoes in 2022, don't head to the shops before checking out this amazing list of trendy shoes for teens.

1. Nike Air Force 1s

While we could have just put "chunky sneakers" on this list of trendy shoes for teens, the dominating trend of Nike Air Force 1s, in particular, cannot be ignored. These shoes are cute yet casual and come in an array of trending colors to really complete your look.

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2. Converse High-Tops

Whether you're wearing them for squats at the gym or just to run errands, every teen needs a pair of classic Converse high-tops. If you're looking to push the envelope just a bit with this trend (or if you're a little less gifted in the height department), you could go with the platform version of this style, too!


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3. Chunky Platform Sandals

Chunky platform sandals are taking over just in time for spring and summer, and we couldn't be more excited about it. Styles like espadrilles, chunky brown leather and everything in between are having a moment right now, and they really are the perfect shoe to take your simple sundress or jeans-with-a-tiny-top combo to the next level.


4. Slip-On Sandals

Do slip-on sandals ever really go out of style? We think not, but there are a few particular styles to note for this list of trendy shoes for teens. Let's start with:

  • Jelly sandal slides reminiscent of all your Y2K dreams come true
  • Barbie pink chunky slip-on sandals
  • Classic Adidas Adilette slides


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5. Chelsea Boots

To round off this list, we have another trend that never really goes out of fashion—the Chelsea boot. For teens just now discovering this style, you can't go wrong with a classic Chelsea by the iconic Doc Marten. Doc Martens simply scream "cool," and these famed boots are also known for being well-worth the money thanks to their general wearability and durability. It doesn't matter if you're traipsing around the school halls or trekking across the streets of Europe on vacation—these statement shoes are a trend you'll want on your shoe rack all year round.

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6. Cloud Slides

The last couple of years have shown us all the importance of comfort, and we can't think of any shoes that are comfier and easier to wear than cloud slides. They're the perfect shoe for when you're on the go, whether you're making a coffee run or hanging with friends, or just lounging at home, and they come in the cutest colors around.


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