Trendy Totes By Miranda Cosgrove and Vanessa Hudgens!

These tote bags are super cute and they are designed by some of Hollywoods most fashionable celebs!

Vanessa Hudgens, Miranda Cosgrove, and Hayden Panettiere have put their fashion savvy skills into designing trendy tote bags as part of Neutrogena's Wave for Change campaign.

Each tote has a different designs based on the charity the star is supporting.

"My tote bag [right] is benefiting disaster relief projects here in the United States," Hudgens explained to PEOPLE. "It's cool that you can help others and get a fun, fashionable bag. It was fun to design and it's the perfect tote for summer to use when shopping or even by the pool or at the beach."

Panettiere's tote (left) benefits environmental charities while Cosgrove's tote [center] benefits educational causes.

"I think that it is incredible that people were able to come together and really get into this to make a big difference. For me, I really think education is important and I am always going to schools and talking to children. It is a really awesome thing to be a part of," said Cosgrove of her inspiration behind the charity and tote design.

Other celebs can't wait to get their hands on the bags. Emma Roberts commented on Hayden's tote, saying, "Hayden … did a beautiful job. I think I am going to use hers so I can show support for the campaign and also have a great summer tote."

With the purchase of two Neutrogena products you can get one of these trendy totes. Neutrogena will be donating $1 to for every acne, cleansing or cosmetics product sold from now until August 31st.

More details can be found on their site:

Which tote are you loving?