Trevor Barrett Dishes on the Power of Makeup and How TikTok Is Changing the Beauty Game

In the constantly changing beauty space of TikTok, we've seen many talented faces come and go, but we believe Trevor Barrett is a star who's here to stay.

The 20-year-old viral beauty influencer isn't just incredible at creating mind-blowing looks with makeup, but he's also a patient and skillful teacher who's showing the world what we're all capable of. We can't get enough of his fierce looks and the that he's not only unapologetically himself, but that he also encourages anyone who follows him to let their true selves shine through.

We got the chance to chat with Trevor all about everything from the unique power of TikTok to the challenges of being a gay creator, as well as the rewards of showing what a young gay man is capable of in the beauty space while connecting with his audience. Keep reading to discover what he shared with us.

Name: Trevor Barrett

Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Birthday: April 14

Zodiac sign: Aries 


Sweety High: How would you define the role that makeup plays in your life? Why is makeup so much more than just makeup?

Trevor Barrett: To me, makeup is not just makeup but another medium of art. At the end of the day, makeup is simply pigments blended together to create an array of formulas that we use to express ourselves or create a new look. The art of makeup allowed me to begin to love myself, and has given me the ability to share its transformative capabilities with others. I absolutely love being able to help other people to feel like their most beautiful selves.

Trevor Barrett pastels and pearls

(Image courtesy of Trevor Barrett)


SH: What has it meant to you to grow up as a gay beauty creator? 

TB: Growing up as a gay creator in the beauty space came with a long list of challenges. There are even days when I wish I was simply not part of this field, but I have learned to love it and I appreciate the impact being a young LGBTQ+ creator can make. I am from a small, more conservative town where men in beauty simply were not a thing, but I truly hope that changes in the years to come!


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SH: What have been the biggest challenges and rewards of being your authentic space in such a public sphere?

TB: The biggest challenge is seeking approval from thousands, to even millions, of people I will never know. It took quite some time for me to adapt to comments from people critiquing, judging or inquiring about my personal characteristics or choices. However, I feel the rewards far outweigh the negatives. Seeing people either relate to me, or finding value and inspiration from my tutorials is the best feeling.  I love connecting with my viewers above all else.

Trevor Barrett pondering on palm

(Photo credit: Orion!)


SH: How do you think TikTok has changed the way we all see and participate in beauty trends? 

TB: TikTok has flipped beauty trends upside down. Not only do trends move incredibly faster, but now trends can be inspired by beauty filters and music in addition to just makeup artists. Like all social media, TikTok beauty trends can be damaging in some ways, just as people tend to forget what they see isn't always reality. Filters and makeup can be subtle and non-disclosed, so it's very vital to try not to compare yourself to others online.
Though in a more positive light, TikTok has allowed absolutely anyone interested in a trend to participate. TikTok's algorithm will also usually keep those videos in a safe community of fans of that beauty trend.


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SH: What's been your favorite development in the space thanks to TikTok?

TB: I love how casual TikTok has allowed us to become. Instagram is a more polished and perfected version of our lives. TikTok is truly the antithesis, preferring short, laidback-style videos paired with humor. It allows us to relax a bit and approach makeup artistry in a whole new way. I love how easy it is for anyone, no matter if they have 10,000 or 10 followers to have a video blow up and get their artistry seen by so many. I think it really allows us to better give credit to smaller creators, and learn about beauty from everyone, not just a select few creators.


SH: What do you think will be some of the biggest makeup trends for this summer?

TB: I predict we will stay on the path of glowy, natural and clean makeup styles. Graphic liner looks continue to grow, and I feel we will start to see more colorful liners as well as gems incorporated into our looks. More and more cream products as well as multi-use makeup.

Trevor Barrett fern eyes look

(Image courtesy of Trevor Barrett)


SH: If you could share just one beauty tip with your fans, what would it be?

TB: Study your skin! If you're new to makeup it's so important to learn about your skin and personal preferences. Go to the store and try on different undertones, and formulas of foundation and see what you love on your skin. Once you learn your undertone and skin type, everything added will look better and flow easier!


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SH: What types of things do you do to pick yourself up when you get discouraged?

TB: The first thing I love to do is chat with my viewers! Getting the chance to communicate with them is such a unique opportunity creators have. I love to see if people were inspired by or benefited from my content. It makes me so happy and encourages me to keep pushing forward.

Trevor Barrett red glow

(Photo credit: Orion!)


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

TB: Remember that makeup is an amazing tool, but never rely on it to feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin.


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