Everything You Wanted to Know About TikTok Makeup Artist Trevor Barrett

Whether we're on the hunt for bold new makeup looks or need some tips on how to apply it like a pro, TikTok makeup artist and beauty expert Trevor Barrett always has us covered.

The 20-year-old creator is one of our favorite men in the beauty space thanks to his ability to break down complex looks to make them simple and accessible, as well as his skills in completely transforming himself through the power of cosmetics. His confidence and authenticity are contagious, and here's everything we learned about him as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Trevor Barrett trivia Man Crush Monday

(Image courtesy of Trevor Barrett)

Name: Trevor Barrett

Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Birthday: April 14

Zodiac sign: Aries


Fun Facts:

1. When Trevor gets discouraged, he picks himself back up by spending time with loved ones.

"Whether family or friends, it's very important and helpful to be around those who care about you. Sharing life obstacles or just forgetting them altogether helps me to move forward when I feel discouraged."

-Trevor Barrett

2. He totally overuses the word "slay."

"Slay just works for absolutely anything, and I will use it to describe everything or anyone."

-Trevor Barrett


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3. He's probably seen Maleficent more times than any other movie.

"I love watching captivating, semi-evil women in power."

-Trevor Barrett

4. He says he couldn't live without the Dose of Colors "Pretty Cool" Shadow Palette.

"It has such versatile cool matte neutral shades. I love to wear it on my no-makeup makeup days, and it can be used in the brows, as contour or whatever you like!"

-Trevor Barrett

5. He'd love to steal Emma Stone's iconic style and fashion creations from the movie Cruella.

"The original Cruella was fabulous too, of course."

-Trevor Barrett


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6. People may not know this, but Trevor doesn't really consider himself to be an extrovert.

"I'm fairly introverted. Despite working online as a creator, I much prefer to blend into the background. I also almost never wear makeup outside of the house!"

-Trevor Barrett

7. While he finds it hard to choose, his favorite song of all time is probably "Dark Paradise" by Lana Del Rey.

8. He's closer to his mom than anyone else.

"I definitely have spent the most time with her over anyone, and she's always been super supportive of my passions."

-Trevor Barrett


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9. His favorite dessert in the world is a sea salt 70% dark chocolate bar.

10. His biggest guilty pleasure is following ridiculous drama on TikTok (and spending too much time on the app in general).

11. Trevor truly never set out to be a social media personality.

"I started my pages solely to find other makeup lovers and to build a place where I felt safe to express myself and my interests. Now, I work to simply educate and truly connect with people above all else! I dislike the self-absorbed stereotypes around being an 'influencer' and strive to redefine it. My passion for makeup is much stronger than my passion for social media!"

-Trevor Barrett


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