EXCLUSIVE: K.C. Undercover Star Trinitee Stokes Debuts 'Miss Me'

You may know K.C. Undercover star Trinitee Stokes best as Zendaya's robotic TV sister, but she's also a talented singer whose new song "Miss Me" will be stuck in your head all week.

This undeniably danceable track is officially out tomorrow, but we have the exclusive today, and Trinitee gave us the inside scoop on the powerful meaning the song holds in her heart and so much more.


Artist: Trinitee Stokes

Single: "Miss Me"

What it means to Trinitee: "The message behind 'Miss Me' is one of empowerment and inspiration—one of standing for something greater and being true to who you are, even if you have to stand alone. It tells of not allowing the negative words or bad influences of others to dictate how you should live your life. It reminds me to remain focused on my destiny and to dismiss anything else that's contrary to what I know to be true. It motivates me to be the change and to live life unapologetically. Once I heard the song, I really wanted to record it because of the powerful message.

Biggest influence: "My parents. They always encourage me to love me, love people, and to pursue every dream that the Lord has given me."

Dream venue: "Times Square and the Super Bowl Halftime Show"

Dream duet: "Tori Kelly, Meghan Trainor or Carrie Underwood"

Fave songs: "Helpless" from Hamilton, "Unbreakable Smile" by Tori Kelly, "I Won't" by Little Mix, "80s Mercedes" by Maren Morris and "Dibs" by Kelsea Ballerini.

Dream accomplishment: "I hope my music will be the force that will ignite a fire inside to fulfill purpose and destiny, inspire one to change and empower one to love."

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