Trinity and Dalena Discuss Singing For Their Fans!

Trinity and Dalena are two sisters with fantastic voices who have captured the imaginations of viewers worldwide with their covers.

Trinity and Dalena

We spoke with the duo recently to hear all about their singing and what they'll be up to next!

"We started making videos just because we wanted to show people our talents," Dalena, the younger sister, said.

One of those videos in particular attracted a lot of attention. The girls sang "Starships" by Nicki Minaj on a video that now has more than 6.7 million views.

"Our Starships video got recognition from Nicki Minaj," Dalena said. "We were really surprised by that. We really did for it fun. We goofed off and did embarrassing things, so it was really surprising."

The girls first started singing for church when they were very young, and their skills have been developing ever since.

"We've been singing for a very long time now. I started singing in the church when I was probably 10," the older sister, Trinity said. At that time, Dalena was 9.

It was a while before they decided they would showcase their singing powers to the world.

"Our very first video was Grenade by Bruno Mars," Trinity said. "Before long we started getting followers and fans."

The girls choose the songs they'll cover by scanning the iTunes charts for songs that they enjoy, and think the fans will too.

"We really like all of our covers," Dalena said. "For us, the popularity really doesn't matter. We're glad when people like them and watch them, but we don't expect too many views."

"We sing whatever we like," Trinity added.

The girls have differing musical inspirations, which makes their singing even more powerful when the two come together.

"I have a lot of inspirations," Trinity said, "like Alicia Keys, Selena Gomez is cool, and Demi Lovato."

"For me, it's the soul singers," Dalena said. "I really like Beyoncé, Jessie J, and Rihanna."

The girls recently made a trip to Vietnam and Japan.

"We got to sing at some places in Vietnam, it was really fun. We got to meet new people and go back to our homeland and visit our grandma."

Though Trinity and Dalena are best known for their covers, they're currently working on an original track.

"We're releasing a snippet of one soon," Dalena said. "We worked really hard last week, and finally got it out."

"It was our goal to get an original song written over the summer, it'll probably be done in August," Trinity said.

The original song will be an acoustic track, probably with some piano thrown in. We absolutely can't wait to hear it!

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