Instagram Reels Stars Triple Charm Dish on Their Empowering New Anthem 'Rally Up'

If you've been paying attention to the growing music scene on Instagram Reels, chances are that you've stumbled across sisters Amalia, Raena and Gabriella, better known as the girl group Triple Charm.

These Instagram Reels stars from Orlando, Florida have become sensations thanks to their videos flaunting their dancing and singing talents, and incorporating challenges into their dance routines has made their content interactive, bringing back their avid fans again and again for more.

The trio recently released a new single, "Rally Up," complete with an ingeniously choreographed music video, and we got the chance to ask the gals all about the song and what it means to them.

Sweet Key Entertainment: Triple Charm photo

(Photo credit: Joaquin Brignoni / Secret Key Entertainment)

Sweety High: Have the three of you always wanted to make music together? At what point did you actually form the trio?

Triple Charm: We all three grew up as competitive dancers, so music has always been a huge part of our lives. But it was more recently when we decided that we wanted to make music. Amalia started singing when she was 6, and was actually the one who inspired the two of us to start. Once we were all singing we thought it would be fun to do it together, and that's what led us to form Triple Charm about two years ago!


SH: What would you all say are everyone's places within the group?

TC: All three of us are very unique and have individual skills we bring to the table. Amalia is a really good choreographer, so she comes up with a lot of the dances for our Reels. Gabriella is super positive, so she plays a big role in keeping things light-hearted and fun! Raena is very detail-oriented, so she does the editing for the group. We all three contribute where we each feel most confident and work together to highlight each other's strengths.


SH: What's the hardest thing about being in a band with your sisters? What's the easiest part?

TC: We feel that being sisters is such a big advantage! We have a sort of chemistry and bond that you can't recreate. Not to mention, we live together, so we're able to practice at any time. Most importantly, we know that we will always have each other's backs! It's hard to think about something difficult when it comes to being in a band with your siblings because there are so many amazing things that come along with it!


SH: What does the name Triple Charm mean to you?

TC: To us, the name Triple Charm represents our relationship as sisters. We're each other's good luck charms, and when we're together we feel like we can take on the world!


SH: What do you think it is about Instagram Reels that's allowed you to succeed in such an impactful way there?

TC: Instagram Reels has had such an amazing impact on us and the growth we've had! Our goal as a group has always been to spread positivity and we're so fortunate that Reels has given us the platform to do it on such a larger scale! We're able to create content doing everything we love from dancing to singing and even acting skits. In a way, it's like having our own variety show on our Instagram! There's so much diverse content on Reels that anyone can make and find videos they really enjoy. The opportunities are endless!


SH: What does "Rally Up" mean to you? Do you all have a favorite lyric from the track?

TC: "Rally Up" is all about girl power! It's an anthem to inspire everyone to be unstoppable. Our favorite lyrics from the song are in the third verse. "Every single girl out there in the world. Yeah, you got the power, go on get what you deserve. Let's band together, gonna show em what you're worth." This verse really encompasses the message of the whole song and we all three just really love the powerful tone and feeling of it!


SH: Do you have a favorite memory from the filming of the music video?

TC: Filming the music video was a blast! We filmed it at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in Santa Clarita, California, and the location was epic! One of our favorite parts was working with backup dancers because it really brought us back to our competitive dancing days. When we were dancing alongside this group of girls, the energy was just unmatched! Filming "Rally Up" was one of our favorite moments to date!


SH: How has the pandemic changed the way you all make music together, if at all? Has it been a challenge?

TC: Making music during the pandemic has changed a lot for us. Usually, we would fly to L.A. to record our music, but when the lockdown happened, we weren't able to travel. At first, it was a challenge, but we were really able to use the time to develop our songwriting process and style. It has been a great chance for us to grow as artists!


SH: Are there any artists that are particularly inspiring you during these unusual times?

TC: There are so many great artists that have inspired us during this time, but one in particular would be Dua Lipa. She's released some great music over the past year and has inspired us to continue to develop our own sound!


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

TC: To anyone reading this, just know that you are amazing and you can do anything you put your mind to! We're so thankful for all your support, and can't wait for what's in store!


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