Beatrice Prior From The 'Divergent' Series Is Our Fearless Woman Crush Wednesday

If you love the Divergent series as much as we do, then you're probably already well aware that the third movie in the series, Allegiant, is hitting theaters this Friday (AHHH?). Beatrice, AKA, Tris, is by far our favorite character. She's headstrong, courageous, and clearly unique…she is Divergent, after all! For these reasons and many more, Tris was the obvious choice for this week's Woman Crush Wednesday.

Beatrice Prior as Woman Crush Wednesday

Full Name: Beatrice Prior

Nicknames: Tris and Six (for six fears)

Faction Born Into: Abnegation

Faction Chosen: Dauntless

Best Friend: Christina

Biggest Fears: She has six! 1. Fear of not having control (The crows). 2. Fear of weakness (Water tank). 3. Fear of being out of control (Ocean). 4. Fear of burning alive. 5. Fear of helplessness/death (Kidnapped by men without faces). 6. Fear of intimacy. 7. Fear of being the reason her loved ones die.

Fun Facts: 

1. Tris's best friend Christina (played by our girl Zoë Kravitz) is super loyal. Remember when they jumped off the train and onto a roof together?! You'd only do that with a bestie.

Tris and Christina Jumping Off The Train In Divergent

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2. The most factions a Divergent child has ever gotten is three. Tris's aptitude test results revealed she was Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless. TRULY diverse.

3.  Tris's most distinct trait is OBVIOUSLY bravery. Remember in Divergent when she comes out first among the Dauntless transfers for their rankings in stage two? All we have to say is, you go girl.

4. Tris has three tattoos. Our personal fave is the raven tattoo, since each bird is symbolic of a member of her family she left behind?.

Tris' Raven Tattoo in Divergent


5. While living in Dauntless, Tris learns to kick some serious butt. She enjoys martial arts and kick boxing, and, tbh, you do NOT want to mess with her.

6. Tris is the second Abnegation transfer to Dauntless. Four (her ~dreamy~ love interest) was the first transfer!

Tris And Four Walking In Divergent

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7. Tris is unafraid of trying new things. UM, remember in Insurgent when she chops off ALL of her hair?? We ❤️ that she dares to be different.


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