Troop's Adaptogenic Gummies Are a Super Tasty Way to Enhance Focus, Calm and Balance

While I was definitely an adaptogen skeptic when I first heard about them back in 2020, I'm now fully on the train.

Whether they're actually practically magic or it's all placebo effect, these herbal medicines just work for me, lowering my stress levels and making me more focused and balanced overall. That's why, when the team behind Troop's daily mushroom gummies reached out to me, I jumped at the opportunity to try them. After a few weeks with them, I really don't know what I'd do without them.

The Brand

Troop's mushroom gummies are an easy—and tasty—way to enjoy the benefits of adaptogens every day. These gummies are packed with gut- and immune-boosting turkey tail to relaxing reishi, mental clarity-enhancing lion's mane and more, making the most of naturally soothing ingredients to bring peace of mind.

The gummies are vegan, organic, and free of gluten, soy and artificial flavors. They're also just 20 calories per serving. Each bottle contains 60 gummies, or 30 servings, and can be taken one to three times daily as needed to get you feeling your best. Each bottle costs $45 each, or you can sign up for a monthly subscription to get each one at $36 every month for a 20% discount.

Troop gummies variety

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The Gummies


Reishi is one of the best-known adaptogens, and for good reason. It's said to do everything from enhancing the circulatory system and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels to boosting immunity and assisting cardiovascular health. The result is a body that's better adapted to stress, allowing you to feel calm and contained, even when things might go a bit off the rails.

These gummies come in a mixed berry flavor that's the perfect blend of sweet and tart, with a lot of fresh berry flavor. The texture also has a nice bite, making it easy to chew and enjoy. Of course, the best part is the way that they make you feel when you take them.

With these gummies, I'm just calmer on a day-to-day basis. I have less stress over the little things, even when they start piling up, and I even find it easier to fall asleep at night. I only take one dose a day (I want to make the bottle last as long as possible), but I think if I were dealing with anything extra hectic, an extra one could definitely do me some good from time to time.

Troop Reishi gummies

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Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane is another well-beloved adaptogen, which some say even protects your brain against early aging. It's a mind-oriented adaptogen, enhancing focus, mental clarity and cognition—though it's also good for digestion.

This tasty gummy comes in a peach mango flavor, with the same great chewability, but a brighter, more fragrant taste that's so good you'll want to eat way more than a single serving at once. And again, these things really work. It doesn't take long after taking them that I feel like things like reading long paragraphs and skimming pages for the information I want, become a breeze and less of a chore on my brain. Sometimes, it really does feel like I flipped a switch for optimal brain power—and that's a great feeling.

Troop Lion's Mane gummies

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Super Troop

Last, but certainly not least is the Super Troop gummy, which combines reishi and lion's mane, as well as chaga, cordyceps, maitake and turkey tail for all kinds of awesome benefits. Though the individual effects of each one feel slightly lessened in this blend, they still feel great to take.

They also taste delicious. The strawberry-passion fruit flavor blends tropical goodness with tart berry, with just the right amount of sweetness tying them together. This gummy is interesting because they really do make me feel balanced. It's a good middle ground between extra focus and feeling peaceful and calm, and when I don't feel like I need help dealing with extra stress or focusing on something in particular, it's become my fast favorite of the three.

Troop Super Troop gummies

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Bottom Line

While I'm not sure that Troop's adaptogenic gummies will work wonders for everyone, I do know that they get the job done for me. They taste really good, making it easy to remember to take them (in fact, sometimes, I want to take more than I need), have a great texture and their effects really are worth it. They definitely don't come cheap, at $36 for a 30-day stock even with a subscription, but if you're curious about adaptogens, they're a great starting point to see if they're right for you.


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