Trü Frü's Delicious Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Fruits Don't Break the Bank

When I think about chocolate-dipped fruit, my mind immediately jumps to expensive gift boxes for special occasions, like birthdays, Valentine's Day and Christmas.

But it turns out that juicy, delicious fruits enrobed in luscious chocolate don't have to be a pricey, few-times-a-year treat. Enter Trü Frü, a brand that takes real fruit, picked at its delicious peak, and coats it in chocolate to be sold at fair prices at a retailer near you.

Sound too good to be true? I got the chance to try each of the brand's frozen offerings from their hyper-chilled line, and I have to say that Trü Frü is just as delicious as it sounds—if not more so.

The Brand

Trü Frü specializes in chocolate-dipped fruits—and only chocolate-dipped fruits. While other brands add all kinds of preservatives, sweeteners, fillers and other unnecessary ingredients, Trü Frü's offerings are essentially just the ingredients in the name of the treat.

Trü Frü products come in two categories: hyper-dried and hyper-chilled. The hyper-dried consist of dried fruits immersed in chocolate, while the hyper-chilled varieties are picked ripe, frozen fresh to capture their ripeness and then immersed in chocolate before being chilled again to lock in flavor and nutrition. They contain all of the benefits of the fresh fruit, with chocolate added for extra tastiness—plus most varieties have only 90 calories per serving.

Six-packs of their 8 oz. Grab & Share Bags sell for $59 online, while eight-packs of their 5 oz. Grab & Go Packs sell for $62—both including free shipping, complete with dry ice to ensure freshness. Their Grab & Share Bags can also be found at many Target locations for $6.49 each.

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The Fruit

Nature's Raspberries

Trü Frü's Nature's Raspberries were my first introduction to the brand, and from the very first try, I was completely hooked. The brand recommends allowing them to thaw for 15 minutes before digging in, so I did just that, and when I bit in, I tasted fresh, tart and tangy raspberry layered with white chocolate and dark chocolate to give it the perfect amount of indulgent sweetness. It also tasted expensive—perhaps because I associate the combination of berries and chocolates with high prices. I can be picky about raspberries, because they can get quite sour and I don't like the texture of the seeds, but I just couldn't stop eating these. On subsequent tastes, I've also allowed them to warm even longer, so that the fruit (and the seeds within) soften, making for a deliciously soft interior inside of the crisp chocolate shell.

Tru Fru Nature's Raspberries

(via Trü Frü)


Nature's Strawberries

Next up, it was time to try Nature's Strawberries—this time made up of strawberries coated in white and milk chocolate. Again, I let them thaw before digging in, and again I was delighted with the flavor. The milk and white chocolates were sweet and rich, and paired perfectly with the natural flavors of the strawberry. These were delicious and super snackable. I only wish that they also made strawberries with dark chocolate, because I think I love that flavor combination even more with the other fruits.

Tru Fru Nature's Strawberries

(via Trü Frü)


Nature's Cherries

Next up, I tried Nature's Cherries, which are cherries dipped in both white and dark chocolates. For these, I actually liked keeping them on the more frozen side, because I loved the crisp texture of the frozen cherry. Again, the fruit itself tasted fresh, with the perfect combination of sour and sweet, and it paired just right with both varieties of chocolate to become one of my very favorite offerings from the brand.

Tru Fru Nature's Cherries

(via Trü Frü)


Nature's Blueberries

I only had to eat a small handful of Nature's Blueberries to decide that these are my very favorite thing made by Trü Frü. The blueberries are the smallest fruit offering by Trü Frü, but also somehow pack the most variety in flavor. I love that each piece might be tart, or sweet, depending on the individual berries, and that no matter what stage of ripeness the blueberries are at, they taste amazing when coated in white and dark chocolates. I could keep on eating these forever (and I was pretty sad when I'd found out I'd run out).

Tru Fru Nature's Blueberries

(via Trü Frü)


Nature's Bananas

Nature's Bananas are something a little bit different from the other treats in the Trü Frü lineup, because these tasty banana slivers are coated with a layer of peanut butter, as well as dark chocolate. The taste profile is also quite different. There's a saltiness to the peanut butter, and when combined with the banana and the dark chocolate, it makes these taste quite substantial, like something that could hold you over until your next meal, rather than just a chocolatey treat. I started having a few pieces with tea for my breakfast each morning, and that served me quite well until all of them were eaten up.

Tru Fru Nature's Bananas

(via Trü Frü)

Piña Colada

And last, but definitely not least, was the Target-exclusive piña colada flavor, which is pineapple dipped in white chocolate and coconut. If you love bold, tropical flavors, then this one is going to tick all of your boxes. The pineapple tastes fresh and super juicy, while the coconut in the white chocolate coating elevates the flavor further, and it's all brought together by the rich sweetness of the white chocolate. This one is going to be a fast fan favorite–plus, it has lower calories per serving than any of the other Trü Frü options.

Tru Fru Pina Colada

(via Trü Frü)


Bottom Line

If you love chocolate-dipped fruit, but don't love how much most places charge for it, Trü Frü is about to become one of your favorite brands. Their fruit always tastes fresh and delicious, and the flavors are made even better with real chocolate—and no other junk ingredients. And while many frozen foods just aren't affordable to order online with dry ice shipping, $10 per bag of Trü Frü is quite reasonable—especially when you consider that some places sell a single dipped strawberry for $4. If you're lucky enough to live near a Target that stocks the brand, definitely check them out and you might discover a new favorite.


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