Girls Who Don't Care About Fashion Will Relate to These Truths

My mom's a personal stylist at a luxury department store, so naturally I have no interest in fashion.

If you're also the kind of girl who would rather be comfy than fashionable any day of the week, you're definitely going to relate to these truths.

Woman in t-shirt and jeans

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1. You're No Good for Fashion Gossip

When a friend starts a sentence with "OMG, did you see what she was wearing?" you'd be lying if you said yes. Not only do you not remember what she was wearing—if you closed your eyes, you couldn't say what you were wearing.


2. Not Matching? Matching Too Much? Not a Problem

Whether someone tells you that your outfit "clashes" or that it's too "matchy matchy," you honestly don't care. It'll only become a problem if people keep reminding you it is.


3. "Cute!"

Anytime someone asks you how they look, you say "Cute!" You actually don't know, but you're also pretty sure that's not what they want to hear.


4. Casual Every-days

You worm your way out of as many formal events as is socially acceptable.


5. 5-Minute Prep Time

Getting dressed in the morning literally takes a minute. Put on jeans. Pick out one of your many T-shirts. Done.

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6. What Trends?

You don't have to worry about staying on trend because you never got on trend in the first place.


7. Shopping Savings

Going to the mall with friends? You're about to save a lot of money—the only spending you're doing will be at the food court.


8. Worst Shopping Buddy Ever

But getting dragged through the clothing stores with friends is a nightmare. You have the very special role of being a human coat rack, holding bags and giving your half-hearted opinion on how things look. How in the world do they spend this much time in one place?

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9. Trustworthy Advisor

On the bright side, no one ever bugs you for fashion advice.


10. Makeover Sesh

Your friends constantly ask if they can give you a makeover you don't want.


11. Happy Holidays

Anything you own that people would consider "nice" is a gift from a well-meaning friend or family member who wishes you'd dress better. Accordingly, you always look more put-together just after your birthday and the holiday season.


12. You Do You

No one can tell you what to wear, how to look or who to be. You're awesome just the way you are, and you know it. No one's going to change you.


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