11 Truths Only Sisters Can Appreciate

If you have a sister, you're probably all too familiar with the complexities of the sister-sister relationship. You may have a connection like no other, but she can still manage to drive you absolutely nuts—it's quite impressive, actually.

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Grab your sis, scroll through these together and prepare to finally agree on something as you relate to these 11 truths about your inexplainable (yet unbreakable) bond.


1. You know how to push each other's buttons better than anyone else. Because you have known one another longer than pretty much anyone else, you know each other's pet peeves and can really get under each other's skin at times.

2. When you have a crush and don't know how to craft the perfect text to him, you always run to your sis for a quick brainstorm sesh. She always has a witty one-liner for you. ????

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3. If you need help getting ready for a date, school dance or girls' night out, you act as each other's hairstylist and makeup artist. Getting ready with each other is one of your fave things to do, after all.

4. When you absolutely can't find anything in your closet, you raid your sister's. Who wouldn't want two wardrobes?! The only drawback is that she sometimes borrows your clothing (and vice versa) without permission. Fights usually break out because of this. Oops.

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5. You rely on each other at all big family holidays. When your parents do something embarrassing or a crazy aunt suckers you into a long conversation, you have each other to help get out of a sticky situation.

6. If you need someone to talk to, listen to you vent or simply just entertain you when you're bored, you can always count on your sis to take your calls and texts or send you silly Snapchats.

7. Whether you'd like to admit it or not, you and your sister look up to each other. Your sis has qualities you admire, and you have qualities she admires, too! You are each other's biggest role models and supporters.

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8. To your dismay, you and your sis are constantly compared to one another by your parents, relatives and even teachers. Sometimes it can amp up your sense of competitiveness, which is not always good!  

9. You constantly fight over the bathroom and argue over who gets dibs on the flat iron. The worst.

10. You sometimes hang out with each other's friends which can be totally awesome, or majorly annoying. You'd be lying if you said you've never been a little worried that your friends were going to end up wanting to hang out with your sis more than you.

11. No matter what, you will always be each other's secret keepers. You trust your sister with your deepest, darkest secrets because you know she will keep them to herself.

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