Everything You Should Know About Trvp Twinz' Tristan and Tyler Timmons

The Tvrp Twinz Tristan and Tyler Timmons have been having an awesome 2019.

Not only have they recently broken the 300k subscriber threshold on their hilarious YouTube channel, but they've also attracted a lot of attention as Roy and Troy on HBO'Euphoria. If you've been wanted to know the Twinz better, you've come to precisely the right place.

Trvp Twinz Man Crush Monday Art

(Photo credit: Russell Baer)

Names: Tristan and Tyler Timmons

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Birthday: November 12

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

1. Tyler's biggest celebrity crush is the talented actress and musician Lauren London.

2. According to Tristan, people are constantly coming to him for relationship advice.

"I've always been known among my friends as the wisest when it comes to relationships."

-Tristan Timmons

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3. Tyler's favorite color is light blue because it reminds him of the sky on a bright and sunny day.

4. You can almost always tell Tristan and Tyler apart simply based on where they're standing in a photo.

"My weirdest habit is walking on the left side of people. I don't like walking on the right side of anyone. I don't know why I'm like that, but I'm always on the left side of Tyler because of it."

-Tristan Timmons

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5. If Tyler could only shop at one place for his awesome outfits, he'd have to pick FashionNova.

6. The twins don't eat out a lot. However, Tristan's favorite restaurant is Nonna's Pizza in Chicago, where he usually orders a single massive slice of sausage pizza.

7. Tyler says the biggest misunderstanding people have about him has to do with his height.

"I'm not as tall as I may look on social media. I'm only 5'5″."

-Tyler Timmons

8. Tristan would love to learn to juggle.

9. Tyler's all-time favorite Disney villain is Chef Skinner from Ratatouille.

10. Tristan totally overuses the word "bro."

"My supporters are always mocking and laughing at how much I say that word. Family members also recognize that I say it too much."

-Tristan Timmons

11. Trvp stands for "to really value positivity."

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