Try Out This Adorable Cupcake Nail Design!!

For those of you that aren't big football fans, and find yourself in need of something else to occupy your weekend while the Superbowl is on, you should definitely try out this awesome nail art!

We absolutely fell head over heels in love with this look at first sight! The bad news – it isn't the fastest way to paint your nails. The good news – it actually looks a lot harder to pull off than it really is.

Here's a step by step tutorial of how to do the cupcake nails pictured here:

1. Paint your nails pink as a base coat for your design (Let your nails dry a little in between each step).

2. Use your white brush to draw a thick line across the tip of your nail. Add three dots underneath the line to create the wavy shape.

3. To create the white stripe, either dip a toothpick into your white paint or use a white nail art pen – draw the stripe across your nail.

4. For the cherry on top, use a red nail polish to dot the center tip of your nail. If you're feeling really ambitious, you can glue the mini-rhinestones on to your nail instead (make sure you use a nail glue, and not super glue!).

5. Either use a blue (or alternate color of your choice!) nail-pen or dip a toothpick into your polish to add the three dots to the white frosting.

Watch this video for another way to do cupcake nails – you will feel much more prepared to tackle this task after watching someone else do it!