A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Puns On Tumblr

We hope you find these as punny as we do! (Don't worry, the jokes are much better than that one.)


We can't even right now.

tumblr pun about 90 degrees

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This is just TOO much.

Funny tumblr pun

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We're being sirius when we say we laughed a little harder than we should've.

harry potter puns

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We're really glad we're not named 'Bert'.


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Same! Sometimes we just can't brielieve it.

Cheese pun

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You sure are, kid. You sure are.

cowboy pun

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Who knew science people could be funny? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

periodic table pun

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*deactivates life*

Mulan pun tumblr

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Nitrogen pun tumblr

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pasta pun tumblr

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If no one saw us read this, did we actually read it?

soap opera pun tumblr

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So this is a thing…

Abe Lincoln pun

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Sorry about this one Star Wars fans, but we had to.

Bounty Hunter pun tumblr

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This one really takes the cake.

The Fault in Our Stars pun tumblr

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