How Tumi Miller's Holistic Immunity Brand ONRŪ Supports Personal and Global Wellness

It's no stretch to say that ONRŪ founder and CEO Tumi Miller created the supplement brand out of a fierce passion, as well as necessity.

When she started losing most of her hair at the age of 14, she literally traveled the globe to meet specialists who could help, but little seemed to work. The doctor-recommended supplements she took didn't do much, and it wasn't long before she realized they were full of junk ingredients, including additives, fillers and synthetics. She realized the world needed a better option, and decided to create it herself with the pure, holistic immunity supplement brand ONRŪ.

Of course, we were fascinated by Tumi's story from the start, and we had the chance to learn all about her history and work as an entrepreneur and why creating a company like ONRŪ that can bring joy and health to the world means everything to her.

founder and CEO of  ONRŪ

Name: Tumi Miller

IG Handle: @onruwellness

Hometown: London, United Kingdom

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius


1. Tumi's wellness journey started in her teens, when she started losing a lot of hair.

"It was very difficult for me, as I felt I was robbed of a part of my self-esteem, especially at such a young age. However, the silver lining was that it introduced me to the world of alternative medicine that I wouldn't naturally have been so involved with so early on in my life. My belief in alternative medicine also wouldn't be so strong had it not been for the real results I experienced, as I was able to heal myself naturally through my wellness journey that has taken me on so many self-exploratory adventures of trial and error and education. It also subsequently led me to create my own wellness brand, as I wanted to create an ethical brand rooted in purpose, transparency and efficacy that would help other people like me find clean products that actually help their wellbeing while also giving back to the environment.

-Tumi Miller

ONRU founder Tumi Miller headshot

(Image courtesy of Tumi Miller)

2. The word "ONRŪ" has great significance to Tumi.

"ONRŪ is an ancient word that means 'one,' but to me, it means 'united as one,' as we collectively heal our bodies and our shared environment. It's about offering holistic and comprehensive alternatives for our customers while making sure we are upholding our sustainable promises and environmental initiatives."

-Tumi Miller


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3. The brand's slogan is "One body, one planet."

"ONRŪ's mission is intrinsically rooted in exactly that—the fact that we all have one body and one planet to care for, therefore it is embedded not only in our company culture, but also our lives outside of work, to uphold our sustainable and eco-friendly practices, while only consuming the purest ingredients. ONRŪ's unique space in the supplement industry is that it is the first premium and holistic supplement brand to focus solely on immune support with three unique formulas tailored to support you during your daily active lives, while you sleep and when traveling when you are more susceptible to various free radicals or fatigue due to jetlag and new environments. At ONRŪ, we believe in educating our consumers on clean ingredients while also teaching our consumers the importance of ethical business practices for a healthier planet, too."

-Tumi Miller

ONRU supplements in globe jar

(via ONRŪ)

4. The best piece of advice she ever received came from her co-founder's grandfather. He was a top executive in the pharmaceutical industry for several decades, and shared the importance of keeping their supply-chain close.

"That advice was invaluable, especially due to the pandemic that came nine months into the building of our brand and caused irrevocable damage to many businesses due to delays and the inability to source various materials and products. It also helped us keep our brand as sustainable as possible, given that our products and packaging are all made locally in Southern California, and we are able to keep an extremely low carbon footprint, which we are very proud of."

-Tumi Miller


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5. She says her relentless consistency has helped her get to where she is today.

"Without that and a lot of grit and determination, ONRŪ wouldn't have come into fruition, as with many startups there are never-ending challenges that get in the way. However, old habits die hard, and without consistency, obstacles wouldn't turn into solutions."

-Tumi Miller

6. The one wellness practice she couldn't live without is regular exercise.

"It's what focuses my mind, body and spirit and is a ritual I both rely on and enjoy. It helps me become more creative, move stagnant energy around and work through negative emotions stored in my body that, once released, allow me to have a much clearer mindset."

-Tumi Miller


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7. She says the most rewarding thing about her work is behind able to offer effective, pure and comprehensive alternatives to the synthetic and sometimes harmful products that crowd the marketplace today.

"It is extremely gratifying to know that, besides providing holistic products to my consumers that make a difference, I am also giving back to our environment, as for every product sold, we plant one tree in America's National Forests through our partnership with the National Forest Foundation."

-Tumi Miller

ONRU supplements lifestyle image

(via ONRŪ)

8. The one thing Tumi wants people to know about her is that it's her mission in life to make people happier and healthier.

"If I can make anyone's day just that tiny bit happier and that tiny bit healthier, then I've done what I've set out to do, as a healthy body relies on a healthy mind. Health starts from within, and so does happiness."

-Tumi Miller


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