Need a Tutor? Make the Right Decision, Thanks to These Expert Tips

Let's start off by making one thing clear: There's nothing wrong with hiring a tutor!

We at Sweety High have utilized these one-on-one learning opportunities and in turn have excelled in subjects that caused us to struggle a bit. Joining forces with a tutor can not only help skyrocket your grades, but will help you truly understand a subject matter moving forward in higher levels of the course. You get personalized attention, which means you can ask all the questions you want and you can go over the same subject matter as many times as you feel you need. Tutoring can only help you, it can't hurt you.

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Just because the person next to you in math class knows long division better than anyone doesn't mean they equally excel in spelling. Everyone has their highs and lows in learning, and you'd be surprised how many people seek private assistance in helping them comprehend various subject matters.

That said, we chatted with Michael Berookim, cofounder of Everly, an on-demand tutoring service based in Los Angeles, California. He gave us the lowdown on everything we need to know about selecting the right tutor and knowing when this option is the right one for you. Scroll below for his guidance (and get a special free session discount code at the very bottom).

Sweety High: What can you tell kids who are embarrassed to hire a tutor?

Michael Berookim: There is no reason to be embarrassed about wanting to bolster your education! There are many intelligent kids who receive tutoring for enrichment or to stay on top of their grades. Many students also hire tutors for confidence-building or general study skills. Whatever the reason, hiring a tutor means you care about your education and future, which are things to be proud about.

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SH: What benefits does hiring a tutor have over simply seeing a teacher during after school or on lunch break?

MB: There are several benefits in hiring a tutor instead of seeing a teacher. Often, teachers are busy and offer at most 15-30 minutes of their time. There are also less distractions and time restrictions. You're in the convenience of your own home where you can be fully comfortable if you go with private, in-home tutoring. It's also beneficial to get a fresh perspective from the tutor that is different from the way you're taught in the classroom. Not to mention, we also work around your schedule, versus you waiting on your teacher. Let's face it, most students don't want tutoring on their lunch break.


SH: What are important things to look for in a potential tutor?

MB: Everly looks for several different things in a potential tutor—experience in teaching or tutoring, good communication skills, personality, knowledge in the subject area(s), level of patience and how well they perform in the written and verbal interviews.

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SH: What are some red flags when it comes to hiring a tutor?

MB: Some red flags include poor communication skills in their interview or emails, unprofessionalism when speaking or interacting with our team, negative attitudes or lack of enthusiasm or energy.


SH: What was the inspiration behind the Everly service?

MB: Everly's inspiration came from the "Uberization of services" and the rise of on-demand apps, so it was a natural progression for the tutoring industry. The founders who have been in the industry for a combined experience of at least 32 years wanted to simplify the process of finding a quality tutor for families. Having a tech-enabled platform also cuts down on administrative costs, allowing higher pay for tutors, which equates to higher quality tutors and improved academic results.

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SH: How does it work?

MB: Everly is very easy to use. You first search for your tutor by answering a couple questions and our system will recommend the best tutor for your needs. Next, you can learn about your tutor by viewing their tutor profile, including their "about me" video, background, experience and more. The last step is to book your tutor by setting a date, time and location if you like them. Your tutor will then show up at your doorstep either the day of or at a later date!

First time users (currently based in the Los Angeles area), download the Everly app now for a complimentary one-hour tutoring session using the discount code: SWEETYHIGH


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