Stay Organized This School Year by Learning Bullet Journaling

Getting ready to head back to school means buying plenty of school supplies like pencils, pens and, most importantly, a planner. But why would you want to purchase one when you can craft your own to fit your specific needs? This is where bullet journaling comes into play.

What is bullet journaling, you may be wondering? It's a way for you to create your own planner, sketchbook or diary just the way you want it.

Girl at a coffee shop writing in her journal

(Photo Credit: Olena Yakobchuk via Shutterstock)

But enough of us blabbering on about the subject, let's get to how you can put this technique into practice with a few examples. Watch the tutorials and helpful tips below to get your creative juices flowing.


The Basics

Getting started isn't as hard as it seems, but if you need a little push, this video will help kick your bullet journaling adventure into high gear.


Monthly Planner

If you're feeling like August snuck up on you, you aren't alone. But don't let it pass you by without staying on top of important weekly tasks. Follow these step-by-step instructions in the vid below to plan out the rest of the month.



Add some flair to your journal or planner by decorating with all the squiggly lines your heart desires and then some. The video below will show you all the cute ways you can have the most adorable bullet journal on the block.



If you're not the best doodler, you can always cheat the system by purchasing some handy-dandy stickers to place all throughout your planner.


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