6 TV Couples Who Set Totally Unrealistic Relationship Expectations

People on TV are often kinder, smarter and better-looking than anyone we'll ever meet in real life, and the relationships they have aren't realistic, either.

If you spend your life waiting to fall into a relationship like the ones you see onscreen, you'll probably be idling around forever. Keep scrolling for six TV couples who set some of the most unrealistic relationship expectations ever—though if you're spoiler-sensitive, you may want to sit this one out.

Jim and Pam – The Office 

Jim and Pam simply set the bar way too high for all of the will-they-won't-they relationships in our lives. They showed us that best friendships will always evolve into something much deeper, with no complications whatsoever, and that dating your work crush isn't all that complicated. It may have taken some time and some missteps in other relationships for them to finally find each other, but once they did they had a happily-ever-after that we can only wish to emulate. Apparently, things always work out like they're supposed to in the end.

The Office: Jim and Pam eating together

(The Office via NBC)


Jughead and Betty – Riverdale

Where do we even start with Bughead? The couple demonstrates that, when things don't work out with your initial crush, someone even better will come out of the woodwork and be there for you. Jughead is sympathetic and always has Betty's back when she's going through something, and sees an inner strength to her that no one else can. They do occasionally break up, but it's almost always due to external forces that are totally outside of their own control, and things always come full circle to bring them back together in the end. Plus, they showed us that moving in with your high school S.O. is totally an option, which is just not going to happen, Riverdale.

Riverdale: Betty and Jughead cuddling at Pop's Diner

(Riverdale via The CW)


Barry and Iris – The Flash

Barry and Iris' relationship sets some supernaturally lofty expectations thanks to his superpowers. They're another example of best friends with the potential to grow into a powerful relationship, and how even unrequited love will work out at the end of the day. Even when she starts dating someone else and outright rejects him, Barry doesn't lose faith, and it's not long before she admits she has feelings for him, too. Plus, no matter how many times the timeline has to be reset, the two always manage to find each other in whatever parallel earth they live in—and even had a wedding at one point. We can all dream that our love could be strong enough to span across dimensions.

Iris looking concerned at Barry while he's smiling during a couple's therapy session on The Flash

(The Flash via The CW)


Jonathan and Nancy – Stranger Things

While we've done our fair share of light Insta-stalking, we've never gotten close to creepily standing outside in the dark and snapping photos through someone's bedroom window. The show basically told us that the person you're way too obsessed with will probably come around and start liking you back if you just wait around for them. Jonathan and Nancy weren't even friends before the weirdness in Hawkins brought them together, and while Jonathan definitely had a crush on Nancy, she had a boyfriend at the time and definitely didn't see him the same way. Skip ahead a year or so and she realizes her relationship isn't what he wanted it used to be, and it's not long before the tension between her and Jonathan is just so much and they had to get together. Somehow, we don't see that working out in real life.

Nancy and Jonathan Reading a Book

(Stranger Things via Netflix)


Jesus and Emma – The Fosters

Jesus and Emma may not have a perfect relationship, but it's built on a foundation of openness and respect for boundaries. They're always on-again, off-again due to strong-minded natures and the fact that they frequently butt heads. Though they were engaged at one point, they ended the show apart, both agreeing that they needed to grow as individuals before they could grow as a couple. Mostly, this one's unrealistic because one of the characters involved is portrayed by Noah Centineo, and it's unreal to us that anyone gets to date Noah.


(The Fosters via Freeform)


Jack and Rebecca – This Is Us

Do we even have to explain why Jack and Rebecca are flawless and set the expectations unreasonably high for our relationships? From the beginning, these two seem like they were made for one another. Like any couple, they don't always agree on everything, but when they do struggle, they agree to do it together. When one of them can't get through something on their own, the other person is always there for them. After decades together, their love for each other never lessens, and in the end he demonstrates that he's an amazing husband and father who's willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his family. Where can we find someone like that?


This Is Us: Jack hugging Rebecca

(This Is Us via NBC)


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