Did the Cast Of "Victorious" or "iCarly" Have the Cutest Reunion Ever?

When your fave TV shows ends, the world around you starts to crumble and you feel like you are going to be sucked into a black hole. But then the cast reunites and all is right in the world once again! And these nine cast reunions were so miraculous that we honestly don't know what to do with ourselves, ja feel?



Our hearts broke into a million little pieces when Victorious came to an end, but seeing that the cast still LOVES hanging out with each other puts a huge smile on our faces.



The fact that the iCarly cast still gets together every so often to catch up with each other is our everything.


Good Luck Charlie 

The cast of Good Luck Charlie showed up to the premiere of Disney XD's Pants on Fire to show their support for Bradley Steven Perry and we can't even handle this cuteness!



Ok, so we know Twilight isn't a TV show, but Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner's reunion at the premiere of Kristen's new film, American Ultra, is still everything we could've asked for. TEAM JACOB FOR LIFE!!!!!!


Lizzie McGuire 

Lizzie McGuire has long been over, but the cast reunited to go bowling together and we were reborn. ?This is what dreams are made of!?


Degrassi: The Next Generation

Drake's not one to forget where he started from and this reunion with his Degrassi cast mates for the premiere of We Are Disorderly is proof!


Wizards of Waverly Place 

Honestly, haven't stopped crying since we've seen this pic of Selena Gomez and Jake T. Austin together again at the Alliance for Children's Rights event.


That's So Raven 

Christmas came early when The View decided to have a That's So Raven reunion. We also learned that they all have remained close friends since the show ended many moons ago. DONE!


The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

It was just another casual day in NYC for Dylan and Cole Sprouse until they bumped into Pill Lewis (AKA Mr. Moseby) in Central Park. This reunion is too precious for the world to handle!


While these TV shows are over (sad days), there are plenty of new shows out there that may be able to fill the void, especially these six!