8 TV-Themed Pajama Sets to Wear During Your Next Netflix Binge

The best part about curling up in your bed for a solid TV binge is knowing that you'll have adorable pajamas to match your crazy watching habits.

These sets are exactly what you need to take your Netflix game to a whole new level. Scroll through and find your faves below!

Pretty Little Liars Pajamas: $39.99

While diving into the many seasons of Pretty Little Liars, you'll definitely need these. Let's be real, we'd rather be watching PLL than doing anything else, all day, every day.

Pretty Little Liars pajamas

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Game of Thrones Pajamas: $29.99

Even if Game of Thrones isn't on Netflix quite yet, unleash your inner mother of dragons with this adorable night dress.

Game of Thrones pajamas

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Doctor Who Pajamas: $49.99

There might be a million seasons of Doctor Who, but we believe in your binging abilities as long as you rock this cozy onesie. It's obviously worth the splurge.


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Stranger Things Pajamas: $15.92

Stranger Things is normally all about the fall vibes, but keep cool on warm summer nights and rep your Hawkins pride with this fun night dress.

Stranger Things pajamas

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Riverdale Pajamas: $39.99

A true Riverdale fanatic will have these Jughead-themed pajamas in their closet. These are best worn on round two of binging season one, amirite?!

Riverdale pajamas

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Beauty and the Beast Pajamas: $21.99

We couldn't have been more stoked when Beauty and the Beast finally made its way onto Netflix. That means you obviously need to snag this set before you dive into the epic live action version of the movie.

Beauty and the Beast pajamas

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Star Wars Pajamas: $14.94 – $39.99

Even if the entire Star Wars series isn't on Netflix, you can at least snuggle up in your stormtrooper-themed pajamas while watching Rogue One.

Star Wars pajamas

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Clueless Pajamas: $39.99

Clueless seems to appear and disappear on our go-to streaming service, but when it does resurface, we guarantee you'll need this set to truly enjoy the magic of this film.

Clueless pajamas

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All these items are necessary if you live for Netflix, but THESE gifts are exactly what you need if you're also a SpongeBob lover.