14 Times The Internet Got Way Too Real About Summer Vacation

Ahhh, summer.

After a year of waiting, the much-anticipated vacation season is finally upon us. Sunny skies, tanlines, endless fun with friends and zero responsibilities are just a few of the staples we come to expect during this time of the year.

But let's face it: Summer doesn't always turn out the way we want it to. Plans fall apart, the weather refuses to cooperate, and that elusive summer body is always just slightly out of reach.

In these times of crisis, the internet is the best place to turn for some painfully accurate humor about the realities of summer vacation. Below are 14 times the internet got too real about the truth behind our summer fantasies:

A Gentle Reality Check

Netflix always comes first, okay?


An Accurate Stunt Double

Right down to the lifeless look in his eyes, this bear is a perfect representation of our summer activities.


A Glimpse of the Travel Agenda

At least we'll have an easy flight.


A Summer Style Suggestion

Hiding until August might not be a terrible idea.


A Limiting Sleep Schedule

Staying in bed is just so much easier.


A Full To-Do List

Consistency is key.


A Reminder to Stand Out

We tried and we failed.


A Sentimental Memory

Is this what life is like after Pokémon Go? 


A Monetary Obstacle

My heart says yes but my bank account says no.


An Important Announcement

We'll try again next year.


An Honest Answer

Currently taking suggestions for fun summer activities.


A Discontinued Diet

Summer bodies are nice, but pizza is nicer.


A Last-Ditch Effort

At this point, anything outside of the house sounds fun.


An Attempt at Positivity

We'll still have fun…won't we?


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