11 Times Our Only Response Was 'Can You Not?'

Have you ever had one of those days where anything and everything someone does nearly puts you over the edge? You're just so irritable that the only logical response is, "Can you not?"

A girl annoyed with her mother and staring at her cell phone

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Below are 11 tweets that you can surely relate to if you've ever been in a total "can you not" mood.

It's the only sensical response when someone asks you why you spend all your money on makeup.

And when someone decides to chew louder than you'd like.

When someone Insta stalks you, it's pretty much a given you say it.

This action elicits the response.

Seriously, how could you not say it here? You can't stand this.

Why would this ever be a good idea? Can you not?

Can your makeup just cooperate for once?

No, no, no. Not okay.

Can people not see that you are basically a full-grown human being?

Oh mom, just don't.

And this. This is the reason the phrase was invented.


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