If You're the One Person In the World Who Hates Fall, You'll Love These 7 Tweets

It's finally fall, y'all.

For most of us, it's the best time of year. However, there are a select few who despise the season. Apparently, the changing colors of leaves, early nights and pumpkin-flavored everything simply isn't for everyone. These people are always the outlier—no one understands where they're coming from. But we get it to a certain extent, girls gabbing about PSLs and discussing their Halloween costumes months in advance is pretty exasperating.

So, if you're the one person in the world who hates fall, you'll love these seven tweets:

When you thought Twitter couldn't get any worse but this person comes out of the woodwork:


When you're not afraid of a little risk:


When you're the only person who can handle the weather and everyone's like…


When you realize you're going to work in the phrase 'Bone Oreo' into every conversation:


When you're bored and waiting for some good content to roll in:


When you know everyone's lying to you when they say, "You're pretty."


When you regret everything:


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