Twihard Uses Body To Pay Homage To Twilight Cast

Have you ever loved a book series so much, that you have plastered the  walls with it's characters? Well, Cathy Ward, age 49, took her love for Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series a step further. The Twihard tattooed her entire back with images from the popular franchise. Cathy's love goes beyond Team Edward though, she claims that the series has changed her life.

"A friend of mine got me the first film on DVD because I was feeling low…Once I started I just couldn't stop myself. I had to go out and buy all the books and films. I got hooked. It became my way of rewarding myself. I wanted a permanent reminder of the amazing series so I got a small tattoo and that turned into what I have got now."

Since Wards first meeting with all-things-Twi she has dropped 14 dress sizes, and claims that she's never had 'so much fun' in her life.

"I watch the films or listen to the soundtracks as I exercise. It has worked miracles."

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