The Best Twitter Reactions to the Super Bowl Selfie Kid

Move over, Left Shark—there's a new Super Bowl meme in town.

During yesterday's halftime performance, one young fan managed to steal the spotlight away from Justin Timberlake's awesome dance moves by simply snapping a selfie.

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13-year-old Ryan McKenna was documenting his Super Bowl experience on his phone when JT ventured into the stands, eventually stopping right next to the awe-struck teen. Ryan did what any of us would have done in that situation—switched on his front-facing camera and snapped a selfie!

However, as Justin turned to face his other fans, Ryan immediately turned back to his phone, probably because he just had to inform the group chat about his celebrity encounter.

Well, the young boy definitely doesn't have to worry about spreading the news now. The Internet immediately latched on to his apparent lack of interest, creating the most iconic Super Bowl meme since Katy Perry's unskilled dancing shark.

Keep scrolling to see the best Twitter reactions to this uncomfortable and funny moment:

When You're Not Quite Sure Who You Took a Picture With:


When You Want to Sing Along, But You Have to Get It Right:


When Apple Just Wants to Ruin Your Life:


When the Super Bowl Is Cool, But You Need to Plan for the Future:


When You're Slightly Confused by the Ode to Prince:


When JT's Dance Moves Are Just a Little Too Much:


When You Have to Get Your Priorities in Order:


When You Have to Acknowledge Those Missed Calls From Mom:


When It Feels Like Halftime Will Never End:


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