The Best Twitter Reactions to the Yanny vs. Laurel Controversy

It's happening again.

In 2015, "the dress" totally divided the world into "blue/black" and "white/gold" categories, creating a controversy that still generates conflict at family dinners to this day.

Girl Staring at Guy Confused

(via Unsplash)

Now, it's all happening again with the emergence of an audio clip that people just can't seem to figure out. Some people—the right ones—hear "Yanny" while others—who might need to their ears checked because it definitely says Yanny—hear "Laurel."

Of course, the internet is freaking out about this new debate, resulting in some pretty amazing Tweets that totally sum up the Yanny vs. Laurel struggle. Check out the best Twitter reactions below!

Please, no. Not again:


Some people refuse to see reason:


While other people just can'see reason:


Honestly, nothing is certain anymore:


This person can't even pick a side:


If you hear Laurel, you're wrong:


When you know that this is going to affect all present and future relationships:


It's even turning parents again their children:


A creative representation of our feelings:


This person is still living in 2015:


Sometimes it's better to take a step away… even when you know you're right:


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