Shoe-Tying & Everything Else You've Been Doing Wrong

A BuzzFeed video recently taught us that we've been tying our shoes wrong our whole lives, forcing us to ask ourselves what else we've been missing. These simple life hacks will show you the RIGHT way to do things. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

You probably tie your shoes with the "around-the-tree" or "rabbit ears" method, but both are actually terrible. We'd like to introduce you to the "Ian knot."

Does your apple-eating method leave a core behind? Then you're doing it wrong!

But if you MUST cut your apple, this method shows you how to slice it and perfectly stow it away until lunch time.

In other fruit news, if you peel a banana from the handle, you're going to run into a whole bunch of problems. First, it's way tougher to pull apart, and second you'll be left with chalky strings on the banana. Monkeys peel bananas from the other end, so clearly that's the right way. It's also how Harry Styles peels a banana, btw.

monkey eating banana upside down with harry styles

(via Askville and Buzzfeed)

Folding shirt should take you literally 3 seconds. It'll only take a minute to master.

Bet you didn't know Tic Tacs have a handy built-in dispenser to grant you access to a single mint at a time. 

You might not look like the coolest person at the beach, but you can keep your iPhone waterproofed, and free of sand, if you stick it in a plastic baggie. You'll still be able to send your Snaps through the plastic.

iphone inside of a plastic bag for beach and poolside

(via Flickr)

You're spending WAY to much time on gift wrapping. Watch this pro work her magic.

Any hacks we missed? Share them with us in the comments, or post your own vids for us at